Spring Theatre will present Disney’s The Lion King JR. July 25-28, at the Hanesbrands Theatre, 209 N. Spruce St. in downtown Winston-Salem. There are three 7 p.m. performances on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday and two matinees at 2 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday. Tickets are $15, including taxes and fees. For ticket information, please visit the website or call the Hanesbrands box office at (336) 747-1414.

Disney’s The Lion King JR. tells the story of the epic adventures of a curious cub named Simba as he struggles to accept the responsibilities of adulthood and his destiny as king. Along the way, the young lion encounters a colorful cast of characters including spunky lioness Nala, charismatic meerkat Timon, and loveable warthog Pumbaa. To claim his rightful place on the throne and save his beloved Pridelands, Simba must find his inner strength and confront his wicked Uncle Scar.

With this production of Disney’s The Lion King JR., Spring Theatre is proud to be highlighting Tiger World Endangered Wildlife Preserve! Located in Rockwell, North Carolina, they are a nonprofit animal conservation and educational center dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and preservation of exotic animals.

Directed by Erinn Dearth, Founder of Spring Theatre, and Dan Beckmann. Jordan Medley will choreograph. David Lane will serve as music director. Brandon Lloyd Hicks will stage manage the production, assisted by Lilly Egan and Cayson Sipprell. Costumes by Eric Gagliardo and set by Shane Riggs.

The cast includes:

Bella Hart Peck- Rafiki

Jackson Colo- Young Simba

Tessa Turner- Young Nala

Kyle Brady- Simba

Mackenzie McCloud- Nala

Sam Stowe- Mufasa

Parker Bond- Scar

Dovie Vernon- Zazu

Olivia Trauth- Timon

Emily G Cox- Pumbaa

Abagail Calloway- Banzai

Eden Liwski- Shenzi

Avery Greer- Ed

Catherine Googe- Serabi

Iris Sanders- Sarafina

Cayson- Spirit of the Circle

Travon Livengood- Spirit of the Circle

Eniola Roach- Jaheem

Abiola Roach- Zuberi

Ifayori Roach- Tuma

Ben Partridge- Berko

LaMauri Thompson- Lekan

Kaeleigh Brenner- Rufaro

Roni Chaimov- Nkiru

Rotem Chaimov- Omolara

Mahalia Wages Hargrave- Ebele

Bryson Payton- Feraji

Harvey Partridge- Baby Simba

Disney’s The Lion King JR. runs approximately 1 hour 30 minutes including a 15-minute intermission.

Production sponsors include Salem Academy and Carrie Leigh Dickey.

Spring Theatre, a 501(c)3 founded by Erinn Dearth, exists to empower and challenge the community to experience the energy, emotion, and adventure that springs from extraordinary theatre. Spring Theatre reaches the entire Triad and beyond through main stage shows with community players and youth theatre camps/productions. These family-friendly events attract thousands each year.

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