Los Angeles, Los Vegas and… Reidsville? A Piedmont Triad community has received a colorful distinction, finding itself among a global selection of artistic gathering spaces for the 2020 World Bodypainting Festival.

Nineteen cities around the world were chosen as competitive “Hotspots” for artists for this year’s online edition of the festival, now in its 21st of production. In response to the COVID-19 Virus restricting travel to the World Bodypainting Festival’s host country of Austria, festival organizers decided to allow a selection of categories to be staged as an online competition.

To facilitate these competition days, venues who could safely host a required number of competitors were encouraged to apply. Those who were able to provide adequate space to accommodate teams in accordance with local gathering considerations and social distancing mandates were chosen. Reidsville, North Carolina is one of those cities, among just three sites selected in the USA.

The competition days run for the week beginning July 5, though Reidsville’s Hotspot will be on operation for one category on Friday, July 10, “World Award: Brush/Sponge Bodypainting”.

This year’s category theme is “Psychedelic Circus”. Seven area artists will gather to compete at the private residence nicknamed “Canterbury Castle”, 408 Main Street in downtown Reidsville. The nearly 5000-square-foot home will have clearly defined artist spaces, to comply with proper social distancing guidelines for North Carolina. 

Among these competitors will be local bodypaint artist and homeowner, Chad Canterbury. The hotspot will be hosted for broadcast by Reidsville resident and 5-time World Champion Bodypaint Artist Madelyn Greco, who normally hosts live World Bodypainting Festival coverage on-the-ground, in Austria. Greco and husband Scott Fray have competed, judged, taught, lectured and exhibited at the Festival since 2010. The pair were also married on World Bodypainting Festival main stage in 2015.

Fray and Greco went on to co-create the largest American bodypaint competition ever staged, Living Art America, running from 2013 - 2017,  first in Atlanta, then moved to Greensboro, NC. The direct actions of these two artists have facilitated the organic growth of the art form in this area. Reidsville, North Carolina will now share a piece of the global spotlight with some prestigious cities around the world on the final day of the festival week, in the World Bodypainting Festival’s online TV Program, highlighting a full review of the competitions and featuring the awards presentation.

The local organization created by Scott Fray and maintained by Fray, Greco and Chad and Dianna Canterbury is “The Carolina Bodypainting Guild” https://www.facebook.com/carolinabodypaint/

List of Cities and Host Venues:

1 Seoul, South Korea (SBS Academy)

2 Las Vegas, USA (Skin City)

3 Auckland, New Zealand (Body FX)

4 Rome, Italy (Sonja Ricci's Studio)

5 Kiyv, Ukraine (Kodi Studio)

6 Berlin, Germany (Senjo Loft)

7 Hong Kong (Karen Yiu Make-up School)

8 Oosterhout, Netherlands (Superstar Make-up)

9 San Pietro in Casale, Italy (Face&Bodypainting House)

10 Reidsville, USA (Canterbury Castle)

11 Taipeh, Taiwan (Asia Colors)

12 Grantorto, Italy (City Center)

13 Los Angeles, USA (Artbymiho Studio)

14 Barcelona, Spain (Cazcarra Image Group)

15 Costa Rica (From the Beach)

16 Rostock, Germany (Moya Kulturbühne)

17 Ferrara, Italy (Ferrara's Anxiety Point)

18 Vienna, Austria (Austrian Make-up School)

19 Christies Beach, Australia (Facythatonbeachroad)

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