Each year, the High Point Arts Council sponsors Arts Awards for Individual Support of the Arts, Corporate Support of the Arts, and Teacher of the Arts to recognize those that have demonstrated excellence and commitment in supporting the arts in the High Point area.

“There are so many that have contributed so much to the arts in High Point this fiscal year. Although we are going through a difficult time now with the pandemic, we have much to be thankful for and the arts are here for us in good times and bad. Please take a moment to say thank you by nominating a person or a company for their positive impact on our community through the arts,” said Debbie Lumpkins, Executive Director.

Nominations may be made by anyone who can substantiate the contributions made to the arts. If you know someone that you would like to nominate, visit the Arts Council’s website for more information and nominations forms at www.HighPointArts/arts/who-we-are.

It is not required that individual and corporate support be made specifically to the Arts Council, but to arts agencies within the community. Strong consideration will be given to those individuals and businesses that support multiple arts organizations and/or the overall improvement of the cultural life of our community.

Arts teachers (performing or visual arts) may be nominated by anyone, including students, former students, parents of students, fellow teachers or administrators. Nominees may teach or have taught in public or private schools, or as a private teacher, within the High Point area.

Nominations must be submitted by May 22, 2020. They can be submitted via e-mail to Debbie Lumpkins at dlumpkins@highpointarts.org or mailed to High Point Arts Council, Centennial Station Arts Center, 121 S. Centennial Street, High Point, NC 27260. All nominations will be reviewed by the Arts Council's Awards Committee.

The Arts Awards were designed by George Kosinski and finished by Otis Harris and Harris House Furniture. The shape of the award is a treble clef modified to indicate the arts. The arrowhead at the top signifies looking out to the future. The triangular shape of the arrowhead according to the psychology of doodles indicates intelligence and thoughtfulness. The wood is significant of the major industry in High Point.

The awards will be presented at the Arts Council's Arts Awards Banquet that is tentatively scheduled for Thursday, June 18, at the Centennial Station Arts Center.

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