2020 has been a challenging year. The normal stress we experience in our hectic worlds – at home, at work or in our social environments – has been compounded by the coronavirus pandemic and an unusually contentious election year. 

As an antidote to stress, Winston-Salem artist and designer Mona King is issuing an invitation to refresh to renew with “ri-ˈnü [renew],” an exhibition of LIVING AURATM moss art and nature-inspired installations Oct. 20, 2020-Jan. 3, 2021, in the Arboreal Gallery, Milton Rhodes Center for the Arts, 251 North Spruce St., Winston-Salem. 

As we naturally seek ways to reduce the stress on our minds and bodies, nothing comforts and renews us as quickly and as beautifully as the natural world. 

Nature evokes childhood memories of playing in the great outdoors: in grass, meadows, streams and fresh air. We are innately connected with nature and easily experience mindfulness in a natural environment. 

Through King’s art, we enhance our indoor environments to invite calm, and improve productivity and creativity. We bring life to environments by design. 


For King, “ri-ˈnü [renew]” means to begin again after interruption and continue your journey supported by remembering those times in nature of childhood that we need today. It’s a way to re-set, re-start, and get on with your “wild and precious life,” in the words of poet Mary Oliver. 

One private collector of King’s work wrote: “Her style and verve have created a unique installation that refreshes my spirit and enthuses my mind. The textures, colors and varied materials help to connect me with the natural world. This living art brings me to a place of serenity and mindfulness.” 

King is a professionally trained artist/designer/Interior Architect who designs and produces LIVING AURA TM moss art and wall installations. A portion of LIVING AURA TM sales is donated to Arts-based non-profits. 

Her other nature-inspired art includes paper casting and intaglio etchings. All of her work is inspired by her childhood associations with the calmness of nature and a home full of art, literature and plants dutifully nurtured by her mother and father. 

King has work in private collections and has exhibited in venues throughout the Southeast, including UNC School of the Arts and Wake Forest University and has commissioned interior architecture throughout North Carolina. 


She has a B.A. in Fine Arts from Indiana University; a B.S. in Interior Architecture from UNC-Greensboro, magna cum laude, and is a recipient of the UNCG Honors Council Student Excellence Award; and won first place in the North Carolina Sustainable Home design competition. 

Admission to the show is free. For information, call 336-722-2585 or visit www.intothearts.com

For more information about artist Mona King or to contact her about her commission work, call 336-765-4639 or visit www.monaassociates.com

More information about Mona King 

King and her family relocated to North Carolina from Indiana 1990 for her to work on a startup venture with Sara Lee/Hanes Products. Before founding her own design collaborative, she worked as an executive in corporations ranging from manufacturers to financial institutions. 

She was in the initial cohort and is a graduate of the Creative Catalyst Certificate program of Thomas S. Kenan Institute for the Arts, UNC School of the Arts 2020. 

Artist Statement: 

I have come full circle in my life, career and returned to my passion for art, design and nature. We are biologically wired to find inspiration through our connection to the natural world. I realize the times that I feel less stress, comfort and peace with the world and myself, I am surrounded by the elements of nature. With nature I am living my best life. 

MONA + ASSOCIATES DESIGN, LLC is a multi-discipline Human-centered Collaborative Design Group with a core focus on creating holistically designed spaces and services that promote wellness in the built environment. 

The group incorporates biophilic principles of interior architecture, creative consulting, and living art and walls; LIVING AURATM to create calming environments, improve wellness, retain employees, improve creativity, collaboration and productivity resulting in improved employer’s ROI and value of importance to the occupant/employee. Mona King, LEED GA, Assoc. IIDA Founder / Chief Creative Cultivator. 

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