NOTE: Lots of people are spinning on their eyebrows over me not moving the Juicy Fruit Collisions. Apparently it was (GASP!) in the Starburst spot. I am human and can not catch every single thing. The packaging is very similar. Obviously, I overlooked it. You KNOW I would have moved it if I'd seen it. Unfortunately, I am human, and I missed it.

If you are watching the video so intently that something like this causes you severe anxiety, then maybe my "store straightening" videos are not for you. I would advise you to stop watching them because I did make mistakes, and I am guaranteed to make more mistakes in the future that will only stress you out. That's not ASMR. That's just making your life worse, and you deserve so much more than that. Thank you.


Hey! We're back in the Target cavity section once again. What can I say... I have a s w e e t tooth and love hanging out there.

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