Betting on NFL games are always fun and adrenaline-packed, especially if you are placing massive amounts of money at stake. Moreover, the NFL never fails to entertain audiences and bettors alike. But sometimes, there are matches where another team may favor its odds, and this removes the fun and fairness of most sports games.

This is where the Point Spread Betting comes in. This article will cover a general overview of Point Spread Betting, how it's played, and how it makes matches fairer and more enjoyable. Additionally, there will be expert tips for first-timers to gain the upper hand in this fun and high-stakes betting method.

What is Point Spread Betting

The NFL point spread betting is a point system wherein teams have to accumulate or deduct specific points for the bettors to cash in, determined by its overall stats calculated by match bookmakers. Point spreads are designed to set equal footing on both teams in each football game.

This removes the advantage of favoritism from bettors and being one-sided, which would be unfair for both bookmakers and bettors. Additionally, determining how points are added and deducted would depend on statistics and public perception, starting on the 2nd week of matchups, as the 1st week is exempted.

For each NFL match, bookmakers set several points before the favored and underdog teams. This means that bettors can choose either for the favored team to win by earning more than the number of points deducted, choosing the underdogs, and taking advantage of the additional points.

A good example is this. Before the match, the spread could be set by -6.5 on the favored team and +6.5 on the underdog. For the favored team to win, they must earn points more than 6.5 since that would be deducted to their overall score. On the other hand, you may bet on the underdog instead and win hefty payouts should they win the game or win the point spread betting.

Overall, this method offers an equal footing for bettors regardless of public perception for the playing teams.

How Points are Distributed

Changes and point allocation usually happen each week and are distributed from 2.5 to 10 points to both teams during each match. They are determined by team statistics, sports analytics, and public perception. But for the most part, the most significant factor for such changes is the betting amounts that each team receives.

Quite simply, the more people are placing money on that specific team and the wider the statistical gap is, point allocation would usually go higher, all for setting an equal betting odds and avoiding an unfair advantage. This would further lead to less risky losses and evenly distributed wins.

How To Gain an Upper Hand

In reality, no betting formula or tactic gives a guaranteed win, and there is always a statistical possibility of losing a bet. However, there are tactics and tips to weigh in your choices better and lessen the percentage of getting a flop. 

Here are some of these essential points you have to consider.

Home Court Advantage is Real

It is what it is- the home-court advantage is heavily considered in NFL point spread betting, and this affects how bookmakers calculate their point distribution. Try to check one team's statistics and compare them to their home court matches versus away matches, and you'll see the enormous gap on performance.

Research is The Key

As of all other betting methods in the league, proper research through weekly NFL news and market predictions may help you with your next move. Even the luckiest bettor would still have lower odds of winning than someone who made an effort to study performance data and the betting market.

Additionally, when you research, you eagerly anticipate movements from previous performances and public perception. You can even predict the team with better odds of winning the bet, or the match itself.

Know the Injury Reports

Getting an injury is an athlete's worst nightmare. Not only does this affect his performance, but he will be skipped for matches, depending on the severity. It can be both an advantage and liability for you depending on how you plan your next bets.

A single injury could tip the point spread, possibly changing the allocation and affecting the total bets before the match. Take note of some athletes' previous injuries because knowing it could help you avoid potentially losing bets. Moreover, stick more to ones that gain the highest probability of getting a win.


Playing the NFL Point Spread Bet takes a good sense of market perception and thorough assessment of placed handicaps for each match. Betting through this method may seem confusing on your first few games. But as long as you come prepared and take calculated risks, sooner or later, you'll gain a betting instinct until you can bet with an upper hand amidst the public perception. 

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