If you’re looking for a great chance to get family out to a fun event during the Independence Day weekend, you might want to check out the Carolina Disco Turkey games slated for July 1st through 4th at Winston-Salem’s Truist Stadium. What could be better than the great American Pastime live and in person?

In case you hadn’t heard, Winston-Salem is home to the newest baseball team in the Triad, the Carolina Disco Turkeys. A part of the All-American Amateur Baseball Association, the team features some of the best college baseball players anywhere, and most of them are from right here in North Carolina.

Since then, there’s been a rough stretch, leading to a 5-9 record, but things are looking up now.

“We’re really excited that’s we’ve won three out of our last four,” Sullivan said. “We could well end up with a winning record for the season. I think players really feed off the energy of a home crowd and three quarters of our games so far have been on the road.

“The crowds have been growing here,” Sullivan continued, “and we’ve got a lot of space here at Truist Stadium. It’s really a larger venue than the rest of the teams we play have and it has the best amenities. That just makes it even more welcoming for the fans and the players.”

Sullivan explained the team and organization are really a grass roots effort, locally based and locally focused. He and the other owners are residents of the Ardmore neighborhood just a stone’s throw away from the stadium. They even offer Foothills Brewery craft brews during the game. The hats, t-shirts and other merchandise is even screen printed locally downtown by Machine Gun Graphics.

The funky team name and ultra-local attitude make it a perfect partner with the hometown of Winston-Salem, matching the hip, fun and laid-back attitude the downtown area has cultivated over the last two decades. That identity match makes Disco Turkey home games a natural for folks who live and work in the area.

“We play most of our home games beginning at 5:30 pm or the early evening so people can just come over after work, drink a Foothills, have a hot dog, enjoy the game and make it home before the kids’ bedtime,” Sullivan said. “The music we play and the fun we have make this more of a stadium in a box situation where you can relax and feel at home. We play little disco soundbites when players come to up to the batter’s box and then play a lot of indie rock and alt country between innings. It’s just makes for a fun atmosphere for everybody.”

A four-game home stretch like this coming weekend can cure the road blues quickly for any team, but the Disco Turkeys are also still getting their legs under them as a team. Sullivan explained that the team started completely from scratch this season, building not just a roster, but also coaching staff, organization and relationships with college coaches and teams from the ground up.

The team participates in a league that gives college players a chance to play summer baseball without jeopardizing their NCAA amateur eligibility while growing their skill sets. Locally that means the team has had to recruit from a completely blank slate, but they’ve also had access to some outstanding programs. Still, there’s a lot of thought put into building for the future with these players and those who come later.

“We hope to retain a lot of our best players by showing that we care about them and that we’re invested in their growth,” Sullivan said. “We also hope that their coaches will see those good experiences and send us more players down the road.”

So, come on out and take in a game, or four, this weekend with the Carolina Disco Turkeys at Truist Stadium. The home stand starts on July 1st at 5:35 pm against the Statesville Owls (which will also be Lowes Foods Thirsty Thursday), followed by July 2nd against the Boone Bigfoots (also 5:35 pm). On Saturday July 3rd, the Disco Turkeys will play the Greensboro Monarchs beginning at 3 pm with music and fireworks afterward in partnership with the Winston-Salem Dash. The holiday weekend rounds out with the High Point-Thomasville Locos in the house beginning at 2 pm. On July 4th.

Tickets for the games are $7 apiece. You can purchase tickets in advance at their website: discoturkeys.com. If you’re interested in a large group outing at a Carolina Disco Turkeys game, please e-mail Greg@discoturkeys.com to make arrangements.

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