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If there were a mascot of Greensboro music, it’d have to be Buster, a tiny little bob-tail pooch that popped onto the scene as a house-show st…

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Residents of the Dunleath Historic District invite folks to their lawns for the fifth annual “Dunleath Porchfest” on June 12, 2021.  

Ten years, 500 shows, and thousands of miles: the Grand Ole Uproar celebrates a decade with a hometown gig opening for the Southern Gothic at the Crown above the Carolina Theatre on Feb. 9. “When you’ve played to the spin cycle at a laundromat, you appreciate playing the Carolina Theatre,” jested Josh Watson, recalling their […]

The nomadic Megan Jean and the KFB are making their Triad rounds for a show at Monstercade with Andy Freakin’ Mabe and Emily Stewart on Jan. 4. “We do it all to keep our chihuahua Arriba McEntire (aka Weebis) in kibble,” jested Megan Jean, the more vocal of the Klay Family Band duo. “She’s been […]