Real estate is a very crowded market with around two million active real estate professionals in the US alone, which can make it feel impossible to get your business off to the right start. But the good news is that growth is certainly possible for any real estate professional with the right strategies for success. There are various actions that you can take to boost your business’ growth, reach new clients, and improve your sales.

Network With Purpose:

In order to grow your business, you will need a targeted approach to finding the right people when you attend networking events. Whether you’re attending real estate conferences or other events for people in your industry, your main goal is to try and connect with the people who are going to be able to offer the most help to you and your business. Focus on meeting with as many people as possible and building a diverse group of individual professionals that can help you reach different, specific goals for your business.

Engage With Your Leads:

If you are already using a CRM system or other similar tools to track your leads, it’s important to engage with them as much as possible - particularly when it comes to those leads who aren’t quite ready yet or are still deciding whether or not to work with you. The key here is not to be pushy but to take the opportunity to get to know your leads better and show them your knowledge of real estate or the region and properties that they are interested in. And, engaging via email or even social media is a great way to keep you at the top of their mind so that when they are ready, they’re more likely to think about the services that you offer compared to the others.

Improve Your Knowledge of the Area:

Chances are you will be working with clients who want to buy and sell real estate in a particular area, so it’s important to spend some time working to improve your knowledge of the local area and building up expertise that you can share with your potential clients and use to improve your reach both online and offline. You can use Nuwber to find out more details on certain properties in the area including who lives there, how much the property last sold for, and more. And, make sure that you have extensive knowledge of amenities in the area that potential buyers will be interested in such as local healthcare, schools, public transport, shopping, and more.

Ask for Referrals:

Finally, never underestimate the power of asking for referrals. Around 75% of real estate agent business tends to come from word of mouth and client referrals, according to surveys. So, it’s important to focus on driving referrals from both current and past clients in order to gain more business. There are several options to consider in order to do this including making requests for referrals on your website, using branded materials to make it easier to get referred, offering referral gifts, and simply going above and beyond for your clients so that they will not think twice before referring you to a friend or family member who is looking for a real estate professional.

While real estate is a highly competitive industry, the good news is that the right strategies can help you boost your business.

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