Lachlan Murdoch, co-chair of News Corp and son of Rupert Murdoch, has purchased his supermodel-neighbor Cheryl Tiegs' Balinese-style home for $14.1 million.  It was listed at $18.5 million.

Although Murdoch has not explained why he bought the house next door, it was likely for more privacy as Tiegs’ 1.5 acres adjoins his 10-acre estate, Chartwell Mansion, that he bought last year for $150 million when it was the most expensive home in the United States.  Chartwell, seen as the TV home of the oil-rich Clampett family in the 1960’s sitcom The Beverly Hillbillies, was originally priced at an eye-watering $350 million.  Murdoch now owns a massive statement property and added Cheryl’s home with its tropical touches. In contrast to the formality of the Chartwell Mansion’s French neo-classic style.  

The Tiegs home, both inside and out, has the look and feel of an island in the tropics with its own koi pond and lily pads at the entrance behind gates that open to a long drive adding privacy. Palms, huge Monstera vines and tropical flowers abound in the landscape and along paths. The house itself is a study in bold natural elements, textures and colors from fabrics, floors, glass walls opening to vegetation and stunning hilltop views. The 4,770-square-foot house has 5 bedrooms, 5 baths, huge open spaces for entertaining both inside and out, a wine cellar, pool and guest house with a three-car garage. While Tiegs spent freely to restore the home, a king’s ransom could not have created a more perfect decor to complement its Balinese style of architecture.

Murdoch's new homes are located in Bel Air among some of L.A.’s most elegant estates where adding an additional next-door property when they become available is not unusual.  Chartwell’s previous owner had added another neighbor’s home, Ronald and Nancy Regan’s long-time residence, to the estate. Located within The Platinum Triangle of Holmby Hills, Beverly Hills and Bel Air, the neighborhood draws celebrity residents including Rod Stewart, Steve Martin and has been home to Kenny Rogers, Sonny and Cher and many other highly successful musicians and film stars. 

Lachlan Murdoch has just purchased supermodel Cheryl Tiegs' Balinese-style home for $14.1 million, last listed at $18.5 million. It adjoins Murdoch’s recent $150 million purchase of the Chartwell Mansion.  The listing was held by Jade and Tiffany Mills of Coldwell Banker, Beverly Hills.  Murdoch was represented by Drew Fenton of Hilton & Hyland, Beverly Hills.

Photo credit:  Jade Mills Estates


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