The Greensboro Police Department (“GPD”) is under attack.

On Mon., Oct. 11, 2021, Officer DA Young, while attempting to make a police stop of a vehicle, was nearly shot by Louis Latrell Harrison, III.  Mr. Harrison has an extensive criminal history, including recent prison time in the Federal system.

On Tuesday, at Mr. Harrison’s first appearance in court on multiple charges, including assault with a deadly weapon, assault on a law enforcement officer, etc., he was subject to release on a $50,000.00 cash bond. This means that Mr. Harrison can be released to perform more mayhem, pending his trial.

The Greensboro Police Officer’s Association (“GPOA”), that is comprised of GPD officers below the rank of Captain, makes up more than 90% of the GPD.  In this past year, alone, two GPD officers, one a 22-year veteran, another a rookie in her first months out of the Police Academy, were targets of pre-meditated assaults by the use of deadly physical force against them. In other words, they were lured to a location, ambushed and/or caught by a surprise, intentional attack.

But, for the training, resourcefulness and quick, appropriate action of the GPD, these officers were likely to be killed while simply doing their jobs. The GPD is one of the highest rated police departments in the State of North Carolina and the Southeast. The GPOA expresses frustration and incredulity at the lack of outcry against the attack on police officers and the lack of support for our officers.





We need the City of Greensboro’s leadership to make public statements of support for our officers and condemnation of physical and verbal attacks against the nearly 600 men and women who protect the lives of Greensboro citizens every day.

We need our Greensboro Mayor and City Council to allocate the funds necessary to properly compensate, incentivize and support our new and existing officers.  Currently, we have officers leaving the GPD on a weekly basis for neighboring and other local police departments where they experience significantly less danger on a daily basis, a much reduced workload and the same (and often greater) compensation. The GPD is currently understaffed by approximately 100 officers!

We need our City leaders to help restore Greensboro as a safe City—a destination and a home—a place where people look forward to visiting, working and living, and where our families can safely learn and grow.  

Our police officers have used Body Worn Cameras (“BWC”) for approximately 8 years; many of our officers in Patrol have never policed without BWC.  Our officers seek total transparency as they do their jobs. Our officers are confident that full release of ALL BWC, not just edited portions taken out of context, will show clearly the daily perils of our officers, as well as their outstanding efforts and appropriate responses. We trust citizens (even without Basic Law Enforcement Training) to view this footage, themselves, and come to their own conclusions.

As a result, the GPOA has consistently demanded, requested, and petitioned in court for the public release of ALL body worn camera footage so it can be reviewed, unedited, by the public. There are some self-promoting and self-interested local leaders that would instead want to screen, edit and take out of context portions of such footage in an effort to misguide citizens as to what to think and how to respond as a narrative for their own personal agenda.  That small group does not change our position and our demand for total transparency.

We, the GPOA, stand in support of our police officers. They are true heroes who, with drastically reduced numbers of police officers, insufficient funding and lack of support from City of Greensboro leadership as well as Community leaders, continue to put their lives on the line every day to protect the lives of Greensboro citizens. We ask that you, our local leaders, our clergy and our citizens, learn the facts, review body worn camera footage in its entirety, put yourselves in the shoes of the citizens who are forced to call for police support on a daily basis and STOP vilifying police officers to fit someone else's narrative.

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