Attaining Affordable Education During the Pandemic:

Sebastian King, Republican candidate for State Senate

District 27, believes affordable education is paramount to ensuring that every North Carolinian is equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary to enter the 21 st century workforce.

With the announcement that the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is moving to online only instruction in the fall, it is time to reassess the tuition for attending college. That’s why King is calling for an expansion of the NC Promise Program and reduced tuition for online instruction.

King says, “I believe now more than ever, we need tuition relief for our families sending their child to college. While grocery bags are a little less full these days, keeping the dream alive that by sending one’s child to college will give them a better future is important to preserve during these hard times. However, since college is changing as we know it, so must the price. That is what I am pushing for by urging the expansion of more affordable college and the extension of the NC Promise Program.”

The NC Promise Program cuts in-state tuition to only $500 per semester, allowing students to focus on their educational rather than financial concerns. This program, however, is only available to students at three institutions (UNC Pembroke, Elizabeth City State University, and Western Carolina University).

King wants to explore the expansion of the NC Promise Program to include additional universities. He also feels tuition should be reduced for students receiving online instruction.

King explains, “Students receiving online instruction are not receiving the full college experience. For that reason, they should not receive the full college bill.”

King is a first generation college graduate and understands the value of a quality education. He wants to ensure everyone who wants to work for a college degree has the opportunity to attend college. Finances should not be a barrier to a quality education.

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