With over half of Guilford County is fully vaccinated, Guilford County Chair Skip Alston and the Health Committee decided to defy science and erode confidence in the vaccine by reimposing a mask mandate on citizens. As Guilford County continued to head in the ideal direction for herd immunity, Chairman Alston’s decision will make citizens more apprehensive to get the vaccine.

Why? Because under Alston’s mandate, the government is sending a loud message that the vaccine is not effective in preventing the spread of Covid and must therefore wear a mask. That could not be further from the truth. Those with the vaccine only have a 5 percent chance of getting the Delta Variant and a significantly lower chance of needing to be hospitalized to address the symptoms.   

“Chairman Alston should revisit his decision immediately,” Sebastian King said. “If the Chairman is so concerned with the spread of the virus, why is it always citizens and business owners that have gotten vaccinated paying the price? Alston should have talked to Vice President Harris when she was in Greensboro about getting the border crisis under control. That is where new cases and the variant is coming from.”

“We must end this political theater,” King continued to say. “The science and the data do not call for a mask mandate and the County Commissioners should repeal this mandate immediately. For those who have conditions or feel as though they need to wear a mask while being vaccinated, that is their right. For me, and many other residents in Guilford County, give us the freedom to choose Mr. Chairman! That is what our country and state have always been about. Freedom.” 

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