Recently several voters have told me “I don’t really care about the local school board. I don’t have children in school.”

Why should you care?

43% of your property tax dollars go directly to Guilford County Schools. Another 9% goes to education debt.

The quality of life in your community hinges on the education of those in your community.

There is a correlation between the level of education and crime.

Economic development is dependent upon an educated citizenry.

Companies considering Guilford County for relocation or further development want their employees’ children to be well educated.

The quality of local government is impacted by the quality of local education.

Your day-to-day interaction with businesses is impacted by the quality of education of their employees.

The primary indicator of poverty is education.

The number of social services required by a community is related to the quality of education in that community.

The decisions made by the local Board of Education range from days and times students are in school to the number of buses on the road. In many cases, the decisions made by the local Board of Education are the single most influential parameters that govern the lives of families with school aged children. That reverberates through almost every activity a person engages in from going to the grocery store to getting medical care to visiting the DMV.

In essence, the election of representatives to the local Board of Education has both an immediate and ultimate impact on the quality of a community. Choosing Board of Education representation is an important decision to be made by an informed voter. Informed voters pave the way for freedoms in our country. Be a catalyst for quality of life and freedom in Guilford County and be an informed voter on November 8.

Lynn Andrew

High Point

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