By: Larry Wright

In honor of Nipsey, Marshawn, Nick and any other blacks with spending-power, who is supporting inner black America?

Gentrification is the buying and renovation of houses and stores in deteriorated urban neighborhoods by wealthier individuals, which in effect improves property values but also can displace low-income families and small businesses. How do we stop this? Well, the answer is very simple: wealthy blacks should be buying and renovating houses and stores in deteriorated urban neighborhoods and in return, hire and train those from the community to help rebuild the community. This is how you give back. You can rent your business to anyone, but you must own the property in order for the money to re-circulate back into the community. Until wealthy blacks stop buying into the notion that black communities are worthless, white gentrification in urban American will continue to move forward. It’s something how people from other cultures can come to the community, set up shop, and make money but blacks who are in the position to do the same thing stay away. We will throw up a clenched fist, march, sing and cry when a life is taken but do nothing when people are forced to live in unlivable conditions. Do you know asthma is one of the fastest growing issues in the community amongst black youth? One in six black children or higher currently suffers from asthma, the highest of any ethnic group. Gentrification will definitely clean up the community alone with displacing people (black people).

Why have none of the rich or well off blacks said we need to re-circulate the black dollar back into the black community more than one time? I’ll tell you why because they will have to help rebuild the black community and as we both can see they are not trying to do that. There is only one solution to fixing the black community problem: Fixing the unemployment in the black community. Explain to me how one race unemployment rate is higher than the national average. Then you add drugs to the fold, which creates violence. If you keep taking (jobs), adding (drugs, dirty cops, and dirty politicians) to our problem how do you expect for anyone to move forward? Guys like Nipsey, Marshawn, and Nick are brothers who live by the code supporting black America. When you have people living in depressed conditions, they are going to feel depressed, and that is the state of black America right now. So to all those who have the ability to come and work with the poor in the community, let’s not talk about it be about it.

If you are not working with people no matter, the color (hopefully black) to bring meaningful employment, training or apprentice work to the black community stay in your lane. Celebrities speak a lot of words that mean nothing because there is no action behind it. I’m finding it very hard for poor black people to be in a position to create any type of job that will improve the black community when we are living from day to day. You have these co-op stores popping up in the black communities that are still owned by the powers to be because the funding comes from City Hall in the form of loans. If rich blacks, rich churches, mosque, and rich politicians refuse to act on rebuilding the black community why should non-blacks have an interest? How can blacks that have billions and millions of dollars talk about equality and they are not practicing the equality they expect this country to practice?

We sell young people into buying $100 sneaks, we sell young people into buying $40 dollar caps, and we sell our young into idolizing these people where only a handful really gives back. Our rich blacks make millions where 25% of the millions they make is invested in goods and services in other countries. From rich athletes to rich entertainers they do the same thing to you, as their non-black partners. We probably have the most black millionaires in the world right here in American, and they shun the community just like anyone else. Unless rich black people, politicians, and community leaders devise a plan to bring jobs to the community for our black youth, what you see is what you get. Nike, Adidas, or Under Armor can give you millions in endorsements for a sports camp; surely you can create a job camp sponsored by Nike, Adidas or any company that endorses you. But we all know that will not happen. In closing, I say this: If you make $20 million a year and your sports camps are sponsored by the top sporting companies in the world, why do you charge for your time? Get the black mind right.

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