Christopher Henderson is a civil rights hero who participated in the famous Woolworth sit ins in Greensboro North Carolina. Today, Henderson responded to Biden’s comment that if you support Donald Trump instead of him “you ain’t black”:

“When I voted Democrat, I was Black and now I vote Republican, I’m still Black. President Donald Trump has done more positive things in his first term for the Black Community than Joe Biden has done in his entire political career.”

“Unfortunately, this has been a pattern for Joe Biden, his extreme “radicalizing comments are downright racist.” 

“For instance: On Obama, ‘He is the first bright, articulate, bright and clear African American candidate.’ On black, ‘Poor kids are just as bright as White kids,’ ‘They gonna have y’all in chains:’ and ‘You cannot go to a 7-Eleven or a Dunking Donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent.” I am sure there is more, but these are the most offensive comments he has made in the past.

“Frederick Douglass said, ‘Racism is a sin and we will NOT be Silent.” 

“Neither will I.”

------ Christopher Henderson

Chris Henderson is a civil rights activist who participated in the famous sit-ins in Greensboro North Carolina during the 1960s. 

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