Guilford County is sitting at a great crossroads; an educational precipice if you have eyes to see. We are at a point where we could see the substandard treatment of public education by our county in the rear-view mirror of our lives. After the final destruction of our educational system that was named COVID-19, we now have the opportunity to embark on a new, exciting and vital chapter in public education.

In May we begin an election cycle where 5 seats for the local school board could be changed. At almost the same time, the county will be searching for a new school superintendent. Add the fact that there are several new schools in the works, the county has more funding for schools than ever before with the influx of ESSER money from the federal government, a bump in the state funding due to the looming Leandro case payout and the increase in property taxes due to re-evaluation of properties.

Combined, these items make for a wonderful opportunity for Guilford County to “restart” their public school system. Wipe the slate as clean as possible and let’s get into the 2022-2023 school year with an increased vigor and focus on the future of our community. It is widely accepted that the way out of many challenges of life is through education. NOW is our time Guilford County! Let’s not waste this wonderful opportunity, one that will not come along again, and apply ourselves to making this a county where people want to live and work and where the citizens are proud of the public schools again.

Lynn Andrew

High Point

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