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Virtual but still full of pride

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Virtual but still full of pride

Celebrate love, health, and your local LGBTQ+ community at the 2021 Virtual Pride Parade, hosted by Triad Health Project. 

The agency has been running a contest throughout the month of June for anyone looking to participate in the parade competition. The best parade entry would win a pizza party. Since June 1, 2021, submissions have been accepted in video format and could’ve been posted on Facebook or Instagram for others to see. Submission entry ends this Saturday. 

Staff at THP will then vote on the submissions, and the winner will receive pizza for up to 50 people. During a Wellness Wednesday live cast on Wednesday, June 30, the winner will be announced on the agency’s Facebook page, followed by a congratulations post on Facebook and Instagram. 

“We haven’t thrived without good teachers. Since 1986, we’ve walked alongside brave men, women... unwilling to simply survive but to flourish against the most extreme odds. They did so with the unflinching devotion of a loving community,” said Mark Cassity, Executive Director of Triad Health Project. 

“We started the idea as an internal office parade, a way for us here to be together in the office and just have an office parade. I then thought to myself to bring this to the community in some way, and so we focused on other nonprofits who would be interested in participating and conducting their own office parade, but we decided to open it up to all businesses to see who would submit. We want to compile all the videos together to create one big parade for everyone to be a part of. We decided to keep it virtual to keep in line with Covid safety guidelines,” said Adriana Adams, Associate Director. 

The purpose of the parade, and the overall message of Triad Health Project, is to encourage others to become a better ally to the LGBTQ+ community, whether that is becoming a better listener, more open-minded, being inclusive, and speaking out against any anti-LGBTQ+ comments and harmful jokes. 

Triad Health Project does that by being an HIV-focused organization, helping to manage cases of those living with HIV, making sure they have everything they need from a holistic approach, and focusing on preventing STIs and pregnancy. “At our bedrock, we want to make sure we are looking to the Queer community and telling them ‘we see you; we are you.’ We want to make sure pride is a big thing we are working on. Since June rolled around, we have done so much, always trying to serve our community,” said Julie McKnight, Wellness and Outreach Manager. 

“I sat and asked myself, ‘What can we do that is fun?’ We always want the environment to be fun and find a way to connect that to the community,” Adams added.

“Triad Health Project’s national pride event will take place in September for everyone to come out together, but we still wanted to find a way to celebrate during the month of June. Triad Health Project has been appointment only, masked up, and holding a mental load. So our team wanted to get together and do a little dancing. Our office parade will come out a little before submissions are due to give others an idea or inspiration. I will be part of the decorating team. I already called it and am excited to see what we can do,” said Corey Higgins, Prevention and Outreach Manager. 

For more information, volunteer opportunities, and donation options, check out their website:, Instagram:, or Facebook:

Naima Said is a 22-year-old UNCG theatre graduate and host of Heeere’sNeeNee Horror Movie Podcast.

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