Officers with the Winston-Salem Police Department were monitoring a protest at the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Department Center (301 N. Church Street). There was a courtesy press release distributed on 07-01-20, informing citizens of the need to observe the laws while protesting.

Before the protest started at 2100 hours, Lieutenant Hart had a conversation with the protestors reminding them to stay on the sidewalk and not to block the streets. Between speeches the protestors marched around the Sheriff’s Department on different occasions while staying on the sidewalk with no issues.

Around 2300 hours, the protestors lined up along the sidewalk. The protestors started walking in small groups and then standing in the middle of the roadway. It was dark and this roadway was open to vehicular traffic, posing a safety concern.

Each group of protestors standing in the middle of the roadway were notified that they were violating the law by impending traffic and to go back on to the sidewalk. Several protestors refused to comply.

Officers began making custodial arrests. After making the below listed arrests, the remaining protestors left the area while walking on the sidewalk.

There were no other violations of law observed after the arrests were made. There were no injuries to the protesters or officers on the scene. Everyone that was placed under arrest was given a written promise and a court date.

The following personnel were arrested and charged with impeding traffic:

1. Wallace Johansson, Rachel Fern W-F 39-Age 611 Oak Summit Rd.

2. Teal, Jacob Wayne W-M 27-Age 4035 Deamon Ct.

3. Trutanich, Maria Cristina W-F 34-Age 1518 S. Hawthorne Rd.

4. Holbein, Levi August W-M 23-Age 7815 Misty Mountain Road

Germanton, NC 27019

5. Arnold, Taylor Joseph W-M 32-Age 927 Holland St.

6. Cooper, Cassandra W-F 27-Age 245 Corona St.

7. Pena, Calvin Anthony W-M 33-Age 1935 Hinshaw Av.

8. Daniel, Katherine Wilson W-F 34-Age 1518 S. Hawthorne Rd.

9. Kerley Jr., John Everett W-M 28-Age 805 McGhee St #G

Greensboro, NC 27401

10. Shafer, Brianna Regan W-F 22-Age 320 Fox Lake Ct.

11. Gryder, Benjamin Scott W-M 24-Age 175 Browndale St.

12. McIntyre, Patrick Cameron W-M 27-Age 3745 Stoney Glen Dr.

13. Abernethy, Hannah Katherine W-F 30-Age 72 W. End Blvd #1

14. Vanhoy, Renee Leigh W-F 24-Age 131-1 Shady Bv.

15. Boulware, Yvette Michelle B-F 60-Age 59 Sheridan Dr. #5

Atlanta, GA. 30305

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