Jamestown, Sedgefield and Adams Farm area residents will soon have several options when it comes to grocery shopping. With the announcement last week that Publix will open Nov. 13, it has been learned that another grocery chain, Lidl at Adams Farm Shopping Center, will also open on the same date. Doors are scheduled to open at 8 a.m.

The German company has stores in Thomasville, Lexington and Winston-Salem, along with a regional distribution center in Alamance County.

The first 200 customers to the Adams Farm store will receive gift cards ranging from $5 to $250 as well as free samples and reusable bags, while supplies last. Anyone signing up for a Lidl newsletter will be entered into a raffle for a $500 store gift card. Three winners will be drawn.

Rumors floated around for at least a year before Lidl announced the location of the new store in 2017.

The rerouting of High Point Road, now Gate City Boulevard, allowed the shopping center to offer more parcels to new businesses. One parcel became the Harris-Teeter gas station. Another went to Wendy’s and a third one to Lidl.

“Lidl is not your cookie-cutter grocery store,” states the company’s website. “We’re revolutionizing grocery shopping. We have a less complicated process that allows us to simply deliver low prices, high quality, and the best shopping experience for our customers.

“Instead of offering a myriad of brands in every category, our stores offer carefully curated selections that are top-quality and best prices. So your precious time is not spent sifting through endless versions of products you don’t want.

“We’re also continuing the Lidl tradition of offering new favorites from all over the world, keeping you looking forward to what you’ll find next.”

Around 90 percent of the items offered in Lidl stores carry the company’s own private label.

“After three years of research, we discovered that U.S. consumers don’t like discount groceries,” the company stated in a presentation acquired by Business Insider. “Unlike Aldi, Lidl will be a hybrid similar to Trader Joe’s or Harris-Teeter, but closer to a Trader Joe’s. We will sell high-end brands, quality not quantity, best products only.”

Lidl is not just a grocery store. The company has items for use in the home, like small appliances or kitchen gadgets, clothing, toys, power tools, home décor, gardening supplies and more.

Lidl stores began in Ludwigshafen, Germany, in 1973. The first store outside Germany opened in the 1990s in France and the first United States store opened several years ago. Expansion plans include 25 new stores in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York.

According to USA Today, the name Lidl rhymes with “needle.”

The new Lidl is located at 5696 W. Gate City Blvd., behind Harris-Teeter and just 1.5 miles from the new Publix and across from an entrance to the Sedgefield area.

By Carol Brooks, Freelance Writer

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