During the Jamestown Town Council's March budget meeting, Interim Town Manager Dave Treme suggested the Town establish a strategic plan for the future. The initiatives identified will influence budgets for several years. He presented his final version of his plan to the Council at its May 18 meeting.

It is designed as a multi-year version of the Town's mission, serving as a roadmap for staff and Council for the next three-to-five years.

Treme's plan includes "goal statements that are the foundation of Jamestown's mission statement, long-range objectives that define those goals, multi-year initiatives to achieve the objectives, and annual tasks captured in a separate working document and a reporting structure that will be updated regularly to track progress."

There will be five goal statements: staff excellence, public safety, infrastructure and facilities, outreach and involvement, and planning and development.

The Town's Comprehensive Plan is currently being updated and, during the process, the Steering Committee has created a new mission statement. Treme's plan would add a new vision statement.

"Those communities that have a plan are more successful than those without," Treme said in March. "We are not unfocused, but we could be more focused."

The plan would begin immediately and in June he would determine the progress. Of the 40 goals listed, some items or projects have already begun. Two are finished.  The plan will be reviewed quarterly, with December of this year as the first review. It is a way to evaluate the manager and staff and provide direction to the staff.

The Council will review the plan at their annual retreat to ensure goals are still relevant and the plan will be updated and adopted as part of the annual budget process.

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