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The Jamestown Park Golf Course saw a net operating loss of $142,416 for November 2022. This is considerably higher than the 2021 figure of $38,942.

While revenue for the month was $66,375, $2,000 more than the previous November, operating expenses were nearly double that at $120,657 and capital outlay expenses were $88,134.

Year-to-date, revenue is running slightly higher than 2021, $548,247 versus $522,245 but expenses were also higher, $160,907 versus $122,987.

There were approximately 100 fewer rounds played in November 2022 (1,724) compared to the 1,861 rounds played the previous November. Some of this was attributed to the nine bad weather days and one day closed for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Even though rounds played were down, greens fees revenue was up 4 percent, and cart rentals were up slightly. The driving range was nearly even.

Golf shop inventory sales were up 11 percent and golf shop concessions were up 18 percent.

Clubhouse rentals were down 34 percent and year-to-date clubhouse rentals are down 586 percent.

The grill had a loss of $3,495 compared to a loss of $2,912 last year. Year-to-date, the grill has seen a net loss of $889, compared to a net loss of $5,576 the previous November.

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