Volunteerism plays a large part of making any organization successful. That is certainly true for the Jamestown Public Library. Volunteers with Friends of the Jamestown Public Library provide countless hours and energy to make the library an inviting place for all ages. The group met Nov. 28 to celebrate its members, remember the past and learn of exciting activities to come.

“Even members who only pay their dues help the library,” said Jean Regan, president.

Regan introduced current officers and shared a list of those on the ballot for 2023. No nominations were received from the floor. Members voted into office included Regan, president; Rita Talchik, vice president; Emily Wagoner, secretary; and Bobbie Huggins, treasurer.


Friends of the Jamestown Public Library members voted into office for 2023 included, left to right, Jean Regan, president; Emily Wagoner, secretary; Rita Talchik, vice president; and Bobbie Huggins, treasurer.

Looking back

During a special Trick or Treat event in the town of Jamestown, the library gave away free books to children.

“What could be better than getting children interested in reading?” Regan said.

She also noted that no book donated to the library goes to waste, but is put to work in the basement Corner Book Shop, included in gift baskets or donated to other groups.

Two new names have been added to the Honor Roll of Volunteers, which was started in 2019. Linda Munns and Ginny Pickett were recognized as the 2022 recipients for giving outstanding volunteer service to the library.

Known as the basket ladies, the two women began the gift-basket program that raises between $2,000-$4,000 each year. For more than 10 years they created countless baskets that were sold to help support the work of the library. Every basket incorporated a theme and held new and gently used items and a book, which the women collected or provided. Although they have passed the basket making to others, their long-term efforts are deeply appreciated. 

“Their creativity and enthusiasm for this ongoing work was outstanding,” Jenny Naples said, “and their names have been added to the plaque that is on display by the checkout desk.” 

The gift baskets continue to be created all year to celebrate various seasons and occasions. Many Christmas-themed baskets are among those currently available.


Friends of the Library President Jean Regan, center, is shown with Ginny Pickett, left, and Linda Munns 2022 Honor Roll of Volunteers recipients. The volunteers started the gift-basket program that helps raise funds to support the library.

Looking ahead

In addition to selling gift baskets during regular library hours, Friends of the Library are hosting two Pop Up Saturdays on Dec. 10 and 17 from 10 a.m.-1 p.m. The events feature holiday baskets and choice books (current publications) to help with last-minute Christmas shopping.

If you are not sure what your favorite reader might like, the Friends of the Library have a perfect solution  —  Corner Buck$ coupons. Each coupon is worth $10 and may be used anytime at the Corner Book Shop or during special sales. The coupons expire at the end of 2023. They do not have to be used all at once, but may have purchases subtracted until the total is met.

Coupons may be purchased at the library checkout desk or during Pop Up Saturdays.  

Looking around

Julia Ebel presented a brief history of the Friends of the Jamestown Public Library highlighting some of the many ways the group has raised funds to support the library. As a former student at Jamestown Public School, she recalled the school library was located where the auditorium is today.

Gary Haynes reported on renovations made to the old school in the late 1980s to convert it into a community library, always keeping the character of the 1915 building in mind.

“We are not through with things we are doing,” Ebel said about the Friends of the Library. “There is a lot more to do.”

Plans are already being discussed for outreach to new communities coming to the Jamestown area.

Join Friends of the Jamestown Public Library by visiting the library or going online to jamestownpubliclibrary.com/friends-of-the-library.

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