GTCC locater map

The red outlines indicate the two parcels at 6014 and 6016 W. Gate City Boulevard rezoned and annexed by the Town Council on June 15.

GTCC is a major player in the life of the town of Jamestown – and now it has brought more acreage and potential development into the town.

The Jamestown Town Council unanimously approved a rezoning request for approximately 3.35 acres of the school's property at 6014 and 6016 W. Gate City Boulevard from Civic (CIV) to Conditional Zoning/Commercial (CZ-C). This mostly wooded property is in front of their Center for Advanced Manufacturing (CAM) building, which is within Jamestown's corporate limits, and adjoins the complex containing the Sheetz station. The Planning Board had approved the request in May.

The Council also unanimously approved an annexation request for the same property.

The property was part of the Daimler Bus facility before GTCC's purchase in 2013 and the school had the zoning changed from Industrial to Civic.

The property will be used for potential commercial development by the school, not educational use. GTCC is looking for businesses that would be interested in building on the property but do not have commitments from any as of now.

While the Planning Board approved the rezoning request, it noted it was inconsistent with the Town's Comprehensive Plan, causing the Board to recommend the Town Council amend the Land Development Plan (Comprehensive Plan) to reflect the approved zoning amendment. The plan is currently being updated and this will be taken into account.

Effective Oct. 1, 2017, the state law has changed regarding the adoption of “consistency statements” when amending zoning ordinances.

"Boards are not required to take action that is consistent with an adopted Land Development Plan (aka – Comprehensive Plan or “Comp” Plan)," said Matthew Johnson, planning director. "They only need to consider what it says."

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