Work on an update to Jamestown’s Comprehensive Plan began over two years ago. Like many other things, the pandemic slowed progress. But there is a light at the end of that long tunnel.

The Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee has viewed several working drafts of the Plan – meeting several times over the past weeks – in an attempt to finalize the document.

Plans call for presenting a final version of the Comprehensive Plan to the Planning Board on Sept. 20 and to the Town Council Oct. 19.

The future of a municipality is guided by a comprehensive plan. It provides direction about development decisions, often protecting valuable resources, shaping the appearance of the community and promoting economic development.

A comprehensive plan steering committee is charged with determining what the town’s needs are and compiling the data into the final plan.

Steering Committee members, residents both of the town and the extraterritorial jurisdiction (ETJ), identified issues and concerns of the town and residents, developed a vision for the plan and set new goals and objectives. 

Members spoke to residents of their neighborhoods to get them involved in the planning of the Comprehensive Plan, by providing input and through several public meetings.

“There aren’t a tremendous amount of differences based on the past Comprehensive Plan,” said Planning Director Matthew Johnson of the new version.

Focus was placed on the former Johnson farm property, which has been given the designation Mackay-Guilford as a future land use category. It is the largest single undeveloped property in Jamestown’s planning jurisdiction. It is expected to experience significant development interest in the near future.

Jamestown’s first comprehensive plan was published in 1964. It must have worked fine for the town, because there wasn’t an update until December 2007, 43 years after the original.

The most recent version of the Plan is available at 

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