Between Nov. 22-24, approximately 50 Blessing Boxes will have been filled with food and delivered to those in need – most locally – just in time for the Thanksgiving holiday. The project began last year when Long Life Nutrition opted to provide three free boxes of food to help the less fortunate.

The company, which opened in Jamestown in 2019, makes and sells pre-packaged meals and snacks that provide high nutrition with no required preparation. They need only to be heated and served.

“Last year we decided to share some free food boxes,” said Sarah Long, who owns Long Life Nutrition with her husband Don and brother Josh Myers. “But when we asked people to tell us about needs in the community we found many liked the idea and wanted to participate in donating boxes of food as well.


Josh Myers, left, and Sarah Long with empty boxes just waiting to be filled with food and delivered to families in need. 

“We ended up giving away about 50 boxes of food between Thanksgiving and Christmas.”

This year, the company is personally donating 10 boxes of food and, with help from others, the owners hope to double what was given during the 2020 holidays.

“Because we are in the business of preparing food, keeping it cold and delivering it locally or shipping it throughout the U.S. as needed, we already have the ability to get food packaged and delivered,” Sarah Long said. “This year’s Blessing Boxes project is more organized.

“I never want a family to not have food, especially at the holidays. Think how awesome it would be to open your door if you had little to eat and have a big box of food there.”

Sharing is not a new concept for the Long family. When they lived in Florida, Sarah Long had a smoothie shop and made Blessing Bags, gallon bags filled with socks, hand sanitizer, quarters, water and snacks, for the City Rescue Mission.

The couple’s move to the Triad and food business adventure with Sarah’s brother seemed a natural outlet to continue to share.

Blessing Boxes come in two sizes – small for $50 and large for $100. If you cannot purchase an entire box, any donation can be combined with others to provide as much food as possible.

“You can specify a family you would like it to go to or we will find one,” Long said. “We are partnering with local organizations and police departments to identify families in need. If you cannot buy a box, but know of someone who needs one, you can tell us about that.”

Orders for Blessing Boxes to be delivered for Christmas should be made by Dec. 17. Call 336-781-0044 or email Because the project has increased in size, volunteers also are needed to deliver the Blessing Boxes.

The Long Life Nutrition kitchen where all the food is prepared is located at 707 W. Main St. in the stand-alone building in the front of Jamestown Center. Because the business has been so successful, the office, cooling facility and shipping area was moved to the back building into Suite B and the company is in the process of expanding that area.

“I could never imagine we would be where we are today,” Long said. “We have been highly blessed and want to give back. What we have to give is food.”

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