RALEIGH, NC – Today, the North Carolina House passed the NC Second Chance Act with a 119 to 0 vote. The passed legislation will allow people with dismissed charges and old convictions to expunge their criminal records and begin the process of modernizing our court system by automating these expunctions. 

Believing deeply that mistakes from our past should not define our future, Representative Ashton Clemmons is proud to have helped introduce the NC Second Chance Act, a bipartisan bill aiming to improve the lives of hundreds of thousands of North Carolinians, especially people who are being denied a fair chance at employment, housing and education based on dismissed charges and nonviolent misdemeanor convictions. 

“Continuing to punish North Carolinians who served their time by limiting access to housing, higher education, loans and more is wrong both morally and economically. I am proud of this step and look forward to working with legislators from both parties and chambers to continue moving towards a more just state; there is much work to do be done,” says Representative Clemmons. 

The passage of the Second Chance Act was more important than ever amidst COVID-19, as the need to reduce barriers to employment is greater. More than one million North Carolinians have applied for unemployment since the beginning of the crisis and workers with criminal records have been among the hardest hit. Workers with criminal records have been among the hardest hit. 

NC Second Chance Act had primary sponsorship across the aisle with Representative colleagues, from across our state. The legislation was drafted in conjunction with The NC Justice Center, Americans For Prosperity, The American Conservative Union, Community Success Initiative, Conservatives for Criminal Justice and Forward Justice. Representative Clemmons says, 

“People across our state and on both sides of the aisle know we are better when our citizens can lead productive lives. I am proud of legislators support for the NC Second Chance Act.” 


Representative Ashton Wheeler Clemmons currently serves the 57th House District in the State of North Carolina. Her district includes parts of Guilford County, including North and Northeast Greensboro. Rep. Clemmons was elected on November 6, 2018 and was sworn into office on January 9, 2019 

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