“If I take this, am I going to get high?” is the most frequently asked question by customers of Everything Hemp Store, said owner Bob Crumley of Founder’s Hemp (the parent company of the hemp retail shop). The answer is no, by the way, you will not get high from anything sold at Everything Hemp.

The shop is located approximately at 1629 New Garden Rd. (right beside Ham’s), and is the second location of Everything Hemp with the first located at 405 E. Dixie Dr. in Asheboro. It opened on March 26 and claims to be the first hemp store (exclusively selling items made from hemp) in Greensboro.

Crumley said Greensboro, demographically, was the “target market” for Everything Hemp. The former manager of the Asheboro location and now the manager in Greensboro, Tiffany Ray, said typical hemp customers are women who are 50 years and older.

Some of the hemp products (which range from $1.99 to $139) that are available at Everything Hemp contain the “natural level” of THC, which is 0.03 percent that is allowed federally and by the state. Some contain less than that, and some products do not contain any THC content.

“We are the very first hemp store in Greensboro that carries all aspects of the product,” Crumley said. “Our rule is we will not put any cannabinoid products, any hemp extract products, in our store that is not grown and processed [pertaining]to 7606 of the Federal Farm Bill, period. We won’t do it. There are other stores in Greensboro that carry foreign products (grown in Romania or China, or God knows where) but we will not carry any non-U.S. grown product. We know that U.S. products and this nutritional supplement  are grown in the United States under U.S. EPA regulations (no pesticides, no herbicides) and that are also process under FDA regulation for food safety.”

Ray said hemp products, such as Cannabidiol or “CBD” oil, can help people with autoimmune disorders, inflammation, seizures, anxiety and depression.

“Even if you are perfectly healthy, it can help put your body back in perfect homeostasis,” she said of CBD oil. “That is one of the most popular items people come in for.”

In some shape or form, everything in the store is made from hemp. Ray said items sold at Everything Hemp include soaps, clothing, accessories, food products and pet products, all made from the same plant. Ray said most everything that is offered at Everything Hemp is all natural and vegan.

“If you don’t understand what hemp is, come in see us, that is why we are here,” Ray said. “We are here to educate and inform people, of what hemp can do for them.”

Ray said she takes CBD oil for her fibromyalgia and now exclusively takes the supplement in place of prescription pain medication.

“They were trying to put me on disability before I found the product,” she said. “If you are skeptical, I recommend you trying it. I’ve had so much customer feedback on what has helped them, plus so much feedback on what it does for pets and animals.”

“I think hemp has a bunch of potential,” said Mary Claire Hurley who has worked at Founder’s Hemp for a year. “Especially in the farming arena, it just could create a lot of job opportunities for North Carolina; it is just really exciting.”

The new Greensboro location will have a 10 percent off all purchases at the store’s grand opening on April 17 at 1 p.m. Founder’s Hemp mascot “George” (as in the first U.S. President George Washington) will be there as well giveaways and refreshments. Founder’s Hemp is the parent company that you can read more about in my last article on Crumley back in September 2017.

Playing in the background of Everything Hemp in Greensboro is a four-minute, informational video (with a voiceover by Crumley himself) that explores the “History of Hemp.” The video quickly covers the value and use of the versatile crop from colonial times to the 1930s, when it was “banished for a crime it did not commit.” One can view the video from the Founder’s Hemp website, or on Youtube.

“One of the next questions I always get is, ‘why in the world would the government have ever outlawed this to begin with?’” Crumley said of the question that often perplexes customers and makes him passionate about the hemp business.

“That opens up a conversation about rich industrialists trying to control the market and decided they would lobby Congress to link hemp and marijuana together,” he explained. “They were successful in doing that- and they put a whole lot of small businesses in the United States out of business. Which is one of the reasons why I got into the hemp business, because I fought my entire legal career helping out the little guy, and it just bothered me how this wonderful product got waylaid by Congress being lobbied by rich industrialists just trying to kill their competition. That is one of the things that helped me decide I was going to do this.”

Looking to the future, Crumley plans to open three more stores statewide this year. However, he was unable to comment on these future locations at the moment.

Katie Murawski is the editor of YES! Weekly. She is from Mooresville, North Carolina and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in journalism with a minor in film studies from Appalachian State University in 2017.

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