*Editor’s note: There was a typo in this article. “Moves” has been corrected to “movies” in the sixth paragraph. 

Geeksboro Battle Pub will permanently close its doors at 7 p.m. tonight, according to a Saturday afternoon Facebook post by owner Joe Scott, who could not be reached for comment. The closing comes six months after Scott’s establishment moved from its former location at 2134 Lawndale Dr. in Greensboro to its present one at 2618 Lawndale Dr. Since the New Year, Scott has made multiple Facebook posts describing financial setbacks from causes ranging from snow and hurricanes to alleged Russian identity theft and claims of embezzlement.

On the afternoon of Saturday, Jan. 19, Scott made the following post from his personal Facebook account.

“Hi Folks — Despite my best efforts, it appears as though Geeksboro will in fact close in its current location at the end of today due to a dispute with my landlord. I had been working tirelessly over the last three months to avoid this outcome. Retooling the business, reshaping our expenditures, working every angle. But some recent bad faith gestures have ultimately escalated this matter far beyond my control. I hate that, but typing these words at least makes it easier to accept them.” He went on to write, “I would not have even opened the shop today save for the fact that I needed to make money to ensure I can cover my final payroll.”

After expressing gratitude to “a great team who worked very hard” and thanking his patrons, he closed with “look forward to taking a moment to reflect on ways to repay my debts, and most importantly, taking care of my daughter.”

On Jan. 14, the Greensboro Fire Department put out an electrical fire at Geeksboro’s former location, a space the business has not occupied since July. Some early media reports erroneously identified the fire as occurring at “Geeksboro Pub.”

Scott first opened his concept there as Geeksboro Coffeehouse and Cinema in 2012. Although it showed both new and old movies in its first years, the “cinema” part was largely dropped except for such events as screenings of T.V. shows such as Doctor Who, The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones, and interactive screenings of the cult film The Room.

When it moved down Lawndale last July, it transformed from a coffee shop to a pub, offering liquor and such menu entrees as tacos, corndogs and sliders. In this new venture, Scott partnered with Stephen Maloy, but Maloy left the business in December.

Scott’s landlord is Houng Ni, who also owns Hibachi Café. Ni has given YES! Weekly an account of her dispute with Scott, which will be included in a future article after Scott has had time to respond to inquiries. This publication’s staff, many of whom were regular Geeksboro customers, offer condolences on its closing.

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