Crumbly Roberts and The Roberts Center for Leadership, Education, Advancement and Development with their mission to develop, promote, and support programs that provide lifelong learning opportunities for individuals, business, and communities are thrilled to be one of the presenting sponsors for this event benefitting the young men who are members of The Black Suit Initiative!

With its very similar mission, this first event for The Black Suit Initiative is designed to celebrate men in the Triad area of North Carolina who are making a positive impact in its community and who are also positive role models for the community’s young men; hence, the reason Chris Roberts has also been invited not only as a sponsor but also as one of the very first models for “The Grand Entrance.”

February 29, 2020, marks The Sparrow’s Nest, Inc.’s inaugural fundraising event for its program The Black Suit Initiative as it hosts a charitable men’s fashion show ‘The Grand Entrance’ with special guest NYC fashion designer Lendrell Martin, an internationally recognized designer.

A graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and of Campbell University School of Law, Chris Roberts is the President and Chief

Executive Officer of Crumley Roberts, Attorneys at Law. He and his wife of more than 25 years Kimberly are also the founders of The Roberts Center for Leadership, Education, Advancement and Development which provides scholarships as well as leadership and wellness opportunities that support and empower individuals throughout North Carolina, South Carolina and beyond. He and Kimberly have two sons, Matthew and Eli, and enjoy traveling as a family. Chris also enjoys playing golf, fishing, hiking, working as a Boy Scout Leader, performing numerous community activities and being a

member of Wesley Memorial United Methodist Church.

As stated by Evianna Ross, Founder of The Sparrow’s Nest, “Putting on our first major fundraising event is scary. Having the support from people like

Chris Roberts, President/CEO of Crumley Roberts, Attorneys at Law is reassuring. The Black Suit Initiative is proud and honored to have Crumbly Roberts, Attorneys at Law as one of our presenting sponsors for our Charitable Fashion Show, ‘The Grand Entrance.’ We’re also excited Chris Roberts accepted the invitation to be a model in our fashion show!”

About Crumley Roberts:

Crumley Roberts is a 30-year-old consumer-based law firm with offices, partnerships, and affiliations throughout the United States. Led by President and Chief Executive Officer Christopher H. Roberts, along with a team of Executive Vice Presidents and Attorney Shareholders, the law firm remains committed to STANDING UP for its clients, for its communities, and for its employees through legal practice groups and through its numerous programs dedicated to scholarship, safety, wellness, diversity, education, leadership, and the advancement of women that the firm offers through The Roberts Center for Leadership, Education, Advancement and Development. Its Brand Promise: “We Are Crumley Roberts and WE STAND UP FOR YOU as we all continue Moving Forward Together.”

Learn more about Crumley Roberts at: https://www.crumleyroberts.com/

Learn more about The Roberts Center at:

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