GREENSBORO, NC (May 6, 2021) In response to the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) site assessment of the American Hebrew Academy facility at 4334 Hobbs Rd., the City of Greensboro has issued the following statement:

“On Tuesday, May 4, both City and County officials met with representatives from the US Department of Health and Human Services to conduct a site assessment of the American Hebrew Academy facility at 4334 Hobbs Rd. The facility is one of several sites across the country identified as unused property for potential use as a temporary influx housing for unaccompanied children.

It is important to know that this was not solicited by either the City or County governments, but it is a federal program looking at this property. If selected, this will not be part of the Guilford County School system or social services. This will also come without incentives or any cost to the City or County. The US DHHS will solely make the decision what facilities it selects across the country. 

The priority of the US DHHS is to ensure unaccompanied migrant children are safe, healthy, and unified with family members or other suitable sponsors as quickly and safely as possible. The US DHHS is responsible for temporary care of the unaccompanied children referred to its Office of Refugee Resettlement.

The Federal Government would provide on-site security and medical needs, independent of City and County resources.

US DHHS has provided a fact sheet for additional information on the program: Fact Sheet 

Quote from Greensboro Mayor Nancy Vaughan:

“If the American Hebrew Academy site is selected, the US Department of Health and Human Services would partner with local non-profits to provide a range of services. In addition, the partnership could potentially bring as many as 800 jobs to the area including food services, clinicians, teachers, and more.”

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