Name: Josh Johnson
Bar: Triad Stage
Age: 25
Where are you from? Raleigh
How long have you been bartending? I have been bartending for almost three years.
How did you become a bartender? I was a volunteer at Triad Stage, and the House Manager and Director of Audience Services at the time recognized my dedication and work ethic and approached me about the position. I was apprehensive at first but also excited about the opportunity. After a brief interview, I agreed to the position and started running the bar eight shows a week that fall with our production of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s South Pacific.
What do you enjoy about bartending? I enjoy getting to interact with our patrons on a level that is unique to my role at the theater. Patrons will give me their thoughts on the show while it’s happening. It is like seeing your favorite movie or TV show with someone who has not seen it and is experiencing it through their eyes as if it were the first time again.
What’s your favorite drink to make? My favorite drink to make is a Vodka Cranberry with a twist of lime featuring Greensboro’s own
Tiny Cat Vodka distilled by our nearby neighbors at Fainting Goat Spirits. It’s a simple classic that is a crowd favorite, especially when someone asks, “what do you recommend” or “surprise me.”
What’s your favorite drink to drink? My favorite drink to drink is our 19th Season Signature Cocktail named after our founding Artistic Director Preston Lane. It’s a light and fruity drink made with our very own freshly made strawberry-basil lemonade, Sutlers Gin from Winston-Salem, and Soda.
What would you recommend as an after-dinner drink? For an after-dinner drink, I would recommend a nice chilled glass of Pinot Grigio.
What’s the craziest thing you’ve seen while bartending? The craziest thing I have seen while bartending was early one summer, a person in a full clown costume and stilts walking down Elm Street right past Triad Stage. I am sure there was likely a festival or event happening at one of the parks downtown, but it certainly caught my attention as I was pouring a beer for a patron.
What’s the best/biggest tip you’ve ever gotten? The biggest tip I have gotten was from a corporate event where they had rented out our space and had an open bar. At the end of the night, the CEO tipped me $100 when they paid out the bar tab. The best tip that I think I have gotten from one of our Patron’s was a two-dollar bill on a one-dollar coffee refill. He told me that “a dollar saved is a dollar earned, so here is one for saving and one for spending.” It isn’t every day you see a two-dollar bill anymore, so technically, I guess I earned two dollars that day because I have not spent it.

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