(Greensboro, N.C.) ArtsGreensboro launches a Greensboro Artist Emergency Relief Fund directed toward working artists in the Greater Greensboro area who have lost fees, commissions, sales, and other incoming generating activities. The creative community is a critical part of our local economy and helps drive the vibrancy we want to have in the city in which we live. ArtsGreensboro is asking our community to help sustain artists through this challenging time.

The Greensboro Artist Emergency Relief Fund is separate from the ArtsFund. 100% of funds (less processing fees) raised through this effort will be distributed out on a weekly basis, but it is a FUNDS IN/FUNDS OUT process. Funds distributed are directly correlated to dollars raised. Gifts of any size can make an impact for an artist, from helping to pay for a utility bill to paying for groceries. ArtsGreensboro’s goal is to provide financial relief for artists who are essential in ensuring our community is vibrant in all artforms and drives tourism and economic impact.


We encourage any artist in need of support due to cancellations from the outbreak of COVID-19 to fill out this application. This Fund is a money-in, money-out fund. ArtsGreensboro will disperse funds weekly, based on the amount donated. This Fund is directed to working artists, not organizations or nonprofits.

The Greensboro Artist Emergency Relief Fund is managed by ArtsGreensboro (United Arts Council of Greater Greensboro), a 501©3 nonprofit. It is a stand-alone dedicated fund to support local artists and not a part of our community-wide ArtsFund campaign. All donations are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.



About ArtsGreensboro In its role as the arts council, ArtsGreensboro is the community’s largest source of dedicated financial support, funding arts and culture through a competitive process – from nationally recognized organizations such as Eastern Music Festival and Triad Stage, to community-based projects and programs such as Casa Azul, artists throughout the Piedmont region, and arts-in-education initiatives. Through the annual ArtsFund Campaign, contributor’s dollars are leveraged by corporate, foundation, and government funding to support a local arts economy that contributes over $162 million annually back into our city. ArtsGreensboro is dedicated to elevating the arts by creating awareness and promoting the vibrancy of our city; amplifying the impact the arts have in building strong and thriving communities for all citizens; and supporting arts organizations, artists, and teachers through grants, shared services, and technical assistance.

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