*Editor’s note: This article has been updated with the list of names signed to the letter that was sent to Gov. Roy Cooper today. 

Dear Governor Cooper,

We are restaurant and bar owners, chefs, bartenders, and other service industry employees who make our homes in the Triad (Winston-Salem, Greensboro, High Point and neighboring areas). We are integral to the vitality of this area. Many of us have continued to serve our community as the current public health crisis has become increasingly dire. We have done so while making all conscientious efforts to reduce risk and harm—from increasing sanitizing measures to reducing hours and capacity—but nevertheless, we realize that continuing in the face of quarantine measures may be putting ourselves, our families, and our patrons at risk.

In North Carolina, as elsewhere in the U.S., service industry workers are some of the most vulnerable. We often work hourly, paycheck-to-paycheck, and must necessarily be physically present to provide our services. The small businesses that we own or work for are necessarily vulnerable as well. We are home to so many notable bars and restaurants, with international, national and local acclaim, and absolutely crucial to the ongoing success of this area.

Within days, we will likely all need to shut down. We, as employees and owners, will lose significant income or be laid off; our businesses will be depleted of any safety net they may have or go bankrupt and have to shutter doors permanently. We will not survive without immediate and decisive action from the government.

We trust your leadership, and trust you to help take care of us. Therefore, we call on you to announce immediate plans to safeguard the lives and livelihoods of small businesses and their employees, including not only food and beverage service businesses, but all of the service sector. We ask that you:

*Support immediate unemployment benefits for all hourly and salaried workers furloughed during this crisis.

*Issue a State of Emergency that applies to Small Business funding through the SBA.

*Eliminate payroll tax for the period of the crisis and the pay-cycles immediately following.

*Call for rent, loan, and utility abatement for businesses and workers impacted by restaurant and bar closures.

Governor Cooper, we need your help. We elected you and we depend on you in this time of crisis.


Danielle Bull, Owner and General Manager of Bull’s Tavern, Winston-Salem, N.C.

Nick Hayes, Levi Fryer, Andi Irving, Jonathan Condon, Rasheem Boston, Brian Covington, 

Gregg Lyons, Katherine Hatley, Jenna Buskirk, Matthew Thomas, Casey Hogge, the staff of Bull’s 

Tavern, Winston-Salem, NC 

Daniel Leonard, Owner of Gate City Growlers and The Bodega, Greensboro, NC 

Nicole Snyder, Bartender at Old Nick’s Pub Arcadia 

John Tate, Owner and General Manager of Tate’s and Bar Pina, Winston-Salem, NC 

Jimbo Williams, Owner and General Manager of The Emporium, Kernersville, NC 

Josh Watson, Independent Musician 

Noah Clark, Independent Musician 

Alex Hollowell, Owner and General Manager of Spruce Street Garden, Winston-Salem, NC 

Jennifer Thompson, Bartender and Concessionaire of The Carolina Theatre, Greensboro, NC 

Jaimee Weaver, Server/Bartender at Five Loaves Catering, KevMark Catering, Winston-Salem, 


Tiffany Howell, Owner and General Manager of Burke Street Pub and Tee Time Sports & 

Spirits, Winston Salem, NC 

Sarah Southern, Bar Manager of Finnigan’s Wake, Winston-Salem, NC 

The Tap, Winston-Salem, NC, Emily Librandi, Manager, Michael Patella, Owner, Bartenders: 

Mareike Owen, Hannah Gordon & Tara Sheika 

Calvin Pena, Brand Ambassador at Dry Town Gin, Old Elk Bourbon, Certified Sommelier, 

Winston-Salem, NC 

Kristen Tibbets Mantz, Boxcar Bar & Arcade, Greensboro, NC 

Sierra Bowyer, Bar Manager of Earl’s WS, Winston-Salem, NC 

Brandy Eaton Hearn, Owner of Eye Candy by Brandy, Winston-Salem, NC 

Mary Alison Utley, Chef at Willow’s Bistro, Winston-Salem, NC 

Amanda Laverty, Server at Cin-Cin Burger Bar, Winston-Salem, NC 

Juliana Ronquillo, General Manager of Mozelle’s Fresh Southern Bistro, Winston-Salem, NC 

Melanie Smith, in the process of returning to West End Cafe, Winston-Salem, NC 

Nicole Lassiter, Bartender/Server at King’s Crab Shack (downtown and Hanes Mall), Old Nick’s 

Pub Arcadia, Winston-Salem, NC 

Emma Whitlock, Hayley Ruppard, Megan Trayers, Megan Pleasants, Mark Ziegler, Aaron 

Denton, Alex Thomas, Stacy Tkatzuk, Marquell Minor, Eliza Grooms, Staff of Mozelle’s Fresh 

Southern Bistro, Winston-Salem, NC 

Brittany McGee, Owner and Chef at The Humble Bee Shoppe, Winston-Salem, NC 

Alexander Pyatt, Server at Sir Winston Wine Loft, Independent Musician, Winston-Salem, NC 

Kate Sykes, Talent Scout for Uncle John’s Bone, Greensboro, NC 

Kamille Kennedy, Bartender at Reboot, Winston-Salem, NC 

Bruce Burgess, Artist and Independent Musician, Winston-Salem, NC 

Amanda Edwards, Server at Mary’s Gourmet Diner and West End Cafe, Winston-Salem, NC 

Shaina Konzny, Rader Brewing, Winston-Salem, NC 

Karrigan Munro, Kitchen Manager/Line Cook at Jake’s Billiards, Greensboro, NC 

Andy Monroe, Server/Host at Southern Lights Bistro, Greensboro, NC 

Sara Benson, Server at King’s Crab Shack-Hanes Mall Boulevard, Winston-Salem, NC 

Jennifer Southern, Bartender at Second and Green Tavern, Winston-Salem, NC 

Heather Tilley, Shift Manager and Server at King’s Crab Shack-Hanes Mall Boulevard, 

Winston-Salem, NC 

Jamie-Leigh Darian, Nicole O’Neal, Ashley Gentry, Servers at Small Batch Beer Co., 

Winston-Salem, NC 

Jordan Greer, Server at Alma Mexicana, Winston-Salem, NC 

Juliet Mueller, Server at Crafted Art of the Taco, Winston-Salem, NC 

Jordan Harwood, Bar Manager at Alma Mexican, Winston-Salem, NC 

Chris Self, Bartender at Reboot Arcade Bar, Winston-Salem, NC 

Jacqueline Daughtry, Sales at Republic National Distributing Company 

Mindy Smith, The Graylyn Estate, Winston-Salem, NC 

Jamie Thomas, Bartender/Manager at King’s Crab Shack and Willow’s Bistro, Winston-Salem, 


Charles Benjamin Eaton, Sr., Bartender/Manager at King’s Crab Shack-Hanes Mall Boulevard, 

Winston-Salem, NC 

Alexandra Gillis, General Manager of Rizzo’s, Clemmons, NC 

Rolando Pettigrew, Brand Ambassador at Coladka, Bartender at Dram & Draught, Greensboro, 

NC, Bartender at Crafted – The Art of the Taco, Winston-Salem, NC 

Eric Hunsucker, Independent Musician 

Tara Campbell, Cone Denim/LiveNation, Greensboro, NC 

Brooke Boyd, Server at Cin Cin Burger Bar, Winston-Salem, NC 

LeLe Nguyen, Bartender at Old Nick’s Arcadia 

Rickey Huffman and Jordan Day, Servers at Outwest Steakhouse, Kernersville, NC 

Allison Griffis, Sales Representative for Empire Distributors 

Stephen Thompson, Bartender at Bar Pina, Single Brothers and The Ramkat, 

Winston-Salem, NC 

Xiomara Irizarry and Kiera Shaye Christie of West End Collars, Winston-Salem, NC 

Jerry Cooper, Bar Manager/Bartender at Hoots Beer Co., Winston-Salem, NC 

Madison Roland, Bartender/Server at Full Moon Oyster Bar, Clemmons, NC 

Shelly Shields, Bartender at The Ramkat, Winston-Salem, NC 

Jodi Burns and Tim Nolan, Fair Witness, Winston-Salem, NC 

Michael Bennett, Owner of The “B” String and Independent Musician, Winston-Salem, NC 

Cora Plaisted, Server at the Pancake House, Kings Mountain, NC 

William Dale Smith, Independent Musician, Winston-Salem, NC 

Karmen Mowery, Incendiary Brewing Company, Winston-Salem, NC 

Mary Hagland and Michael Millan, Co-owners of Mary’s Gourmet Diner, Winston-Salem, NC 

Kerianne Johnson, Promotions and Advertising at Marilyn’s Agency, Greensboro, NC 

Autumn Holmes, Manager and Events/Wedding Planner at Double Oaks Bed & Breakfast, 

Greensboro, NC 

Orlando Wright Davis, Owner of Event Effects, FAME the DJ and FAME Photography, 

Winston-Salem, NC 

Dusty Snow, Gold Leaf Catering, Clemmons, NC 

Shawn Post, Focus Staffing Agency, Burlington, NC 

Dana & Jim Moody, West End Coffeehouse, Winston-Salem, NC 

Jim Moody, Independent Musician, Winston-Salem, NC 

Randy Spence, General Manager of Earl’s WS, Winston-Salem, NC 

Chef J’Avia Scents and Crafts, LLC, Winston-Salem, NC 

Shalisha Danyail Morgan, The Geek in Heels LLC, Winston-Salem, NC 

Jason Scott Faylen, Producer/Engineer at Grind & Brew Productions, Winston-Salem, NC 

Sam Robinson, Guitarist and GM for Marvelous Funkshun, Winston-Salem, NC 

Bethany Miller, Top Leaf Cigar Lounge, Winston-Salem, NC 

Kelly Linville, Independent Musician, Winston-Salem, NC 

Christina Minter, Taproom Manager at Incendiary Brewing Company, Winston-Salem, NC 

Rickey Keene, Bartender at Stumble Stilskins, Greensboro, NC 

Cassey Mikles, Realtor, Winston-Salem, NC 

Cori Kamille Johansen, Registered Nurse, Winston-Salem, NC 

Steven M. Khan, Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, NC 

Jenn Jarnagin, Independent Hair Stylist and Bartender at Mission Pizza, Winston-Salem, NC 

Whiskey Foxtrot, Winston-Salem, NC 

Kyle Agha, Owner of Last Resort, Winston-Salem, NC 

Michelle Williams, Owner of American Music Company Entertainment, NC 

Tommy Priest, Owner of Coffee Park ARTS and Coffee Park Airstream, Winston-Salem, NC 

Greg Gerald, General Manager/Talent Buyer for The Blind Tiger, Greensboro, NC 

Michelle Hughes, The Brewer’s Kettle, Kernersville, NC 

Stephen Andrew Foster, Independent Artist/Musician/Lyricist, Winston-Salem, NC 

THE MANTRAS – Greensboro, NC – Brian Guy Tyndall, Frank Julian Sizemore, Keith Allen, 

Brent Vaughn, Justin Loew and Matt Gordon 

Connor Sexton, Bartender at Earl’s WS, Winston-Salem, NC 

Anna Neaves, PF Changs 

Rebecca Woodward, Cosmetologist at Halo-Aveda Concept Salon Spa, Winston-Salem, NC 

Megan Elizabeth Blaine, Bartender at Earl’s WS, Winston-Salem, NC 

Jennifer Hutchins Alphin, Owner/Stylist Irvin Roberts Salon, Clemmons, NC 

Rebecca Salvitti, Unemployed new mother, formerly of Fishbones, Greensboro, NC 

Alex Key of Alex Key and The Locksmiths, Wilkesboro, NC 

Michael Conrad, Lexington, NC 

Dale Cole, Manages GypsySoul and Band II, Winston-Salem, NC 

Jon Montgomery, Musician at Jukebox Rehab, Winston-Salem, NC 

Ashley Mantooth, Outwest Steakhouse, Kernersville, NC 

Sara Gonzalez, Sassafras Family Farm 

Justin Skinner, Whiskey Kitchen, Raleigh, NC 

Stephanie Barclay, English Tutor at AC Writer’s Corner 

Dylan McCray Mounce, Bobby Wheatley, Ken Jones and Rhey Mann, Artists at Cumberland 

Drive, NC 

Alli Brown, Massage Therapist at LaVida Massage, Winston-Salem, NC 

Kristy A. Eldred, Server at Pavilion Restaurant, Greensboro, NC 

Jordan Gregory Pack, Server at Earl’s WS, Winston-Salem, NC 

Samantha Corum Foltz, Bartender at Gatsby’s Pub, Winston-Salem, NC 

Len Wilson, Independent Musician, Winston-Salem, NC 

Julian Bumgardner, Recreation Billiards, Winston-Salem, NC 

Morgan Keene, Musician at JukeBox Rehab, Winston-Salem, NC 

Jerry Chapman, Independent Musician, Winston-Salem, NC 

Misty Correll, Artist at Misty Morning Originals 

Tayler Kathryn Thornton, Bartender at Old Winston Social Club, Winston-Salem, NC 

Matt Weiser, Independent Musician 

Dora Lee Love, Bartender at Recreation Billiards, Winston-Salem, NC 

Andy Monroe, Independent Artist 

Darrell Hoots, Independent Musician 

John Coulter, Owner of 421 Market & Grill, Gypsy Road Brewing, Kernersville, NC 

Matthew Thomas, Setup Supervisor for Benton Convention Center, Winston-Salem, NC 

Bryan Short, DJ/Producer at DJ HEK YEH 

Kimberly Moore Williams Gregg, Co-Owner of Diamondback Grill, Winston-Salem, NC 

Norman Hill, Jennifer Hill, Old Nick’s Pub, Lewisville, NC 

Stephanie Manning, Jim Rose Circus 

Chris Tollison, Willow’s Bistro, Winston-Salem, NC 

Kathleen Barnes, Owner of 6th and Vine, Winston-Salem, NC 

Laurie Ruroden, Bartender/Bar Manager/Booker at Monstercade, Winston-Salem, NC 

Ian Purdy, Owner of Reboot Arcade Bar, Winston-Salem, NC 

Benjamin Harris, Owner of Single Brothers, Winston-Salem, NC 

Kelly Lowdermilk, General Manager of Thirsty Pallet, Winston-Salem, NC 

Katie Marshall 

Colin Allured, Independent Musician 

Trey Childress, Independent Musician 

Morgan Masencup Roland, Bartender at Single Brothers 

Andrew McFadden, Bartender in the process of changing jobs, Winston-Salem, NC 

Niki Farrington, Executive Chef at Silo Bistro & Bar, Owner of Niki’s Pickles, 

Winston-Salem, NC 

Laura Quinn, Finnigan’s Wake, Winston-Salem, NC 

Jodi & Alexander Kimball, Pacific Rim Food Truck, Winston-Salem, NC 

Jen Mabe, Stylist at The Escape Salon and Bartender/Server at Full Moon Oyster Bar in 

Clemmons, NC 

Brittany Williams, Entertainer, Centerfolds, Greensboro, NC 

Ashley Blanton, Mellow Mushroom, Winston-Salem, NC 

Emily Stewart, Reiki Master/Therapist at In Tune Reiki & Healing Vibrations, Singer/Songwriter 

at Magpie Thief, Costumer at Monkeywhale.com, Greensboro, NC 

Antonio DeShawn Satterfield, Bartender at The Emporium, Kernersville, NC 

Clay Howard, Independent Musician, Kernersville, NC 

Will Easter, Musician/Songwriter, Western Piedmont, NC 

Daylon Surratt, Smokey Shay’s, Winston-Salem, NC 

Robert Campbell, Winston-Salem, NC 

Erin Doby, AGM of The Katherine Brasserie and Bar, Winston-Salem, NC 

Lucy and Colby Kirk, Incendiary Brewing, Winston-Salem, NC 

Jackson Faude, Winston-Salem, NC 

Deanna Gossett, The Sherwood, Winston-Salem, NC 

Kristen Loggins, Server at Milner’s, Winston-Salem, NC 

Curtis Hackaday, Chef at 1703 Restaurant and Catering, Winston-Salem, NC 

Nadine Gill, Server at IHOP, Clemmons, NC 

Lynne Reid, Kent Reid and Kristofer Reid, Owners of Liberty Oak Restaurant, 

Greensboro, NC 

Emily Brooke Kelly, Andrea Sykes and Erin Cummings, Bartenders at Second and Green 

Tavern, Winston-Salem, NC 

Kendall Nowers, disabled former bartender, Virginia Beach, NC 

Amber Clodfelter, J. Butlers Bar & Grille, Lewisville, NC 

Jennifer Pietz, Rookies, Durham, NC 

Andy Huneycutt, Bartender at Bar Pina and Thirsty Pallet, Winston-Salem, NC 

Corby Erb, Winston-Salem, NC 

Dustin Foley, Independent Musician, Winston-Salem, NC 

Devin Nicole Williams, Server at Bernardins, Winston-Salem, NC 

William Blake Stewart, Co-Owner, Fair Witness, Winston-Salem, NC 

Dustin Bryant, Musician at JukeBox Rehab, Winston-Salem, NC 

James Douglas, Bartender at Hoots Beer Co., Silver Moon Saloon, Winston-Salem, NC, Staff 

Writer at Triad City Beat, Greensboro, NC

Addendum: YES! Weekly asked Danielle Bull for permission to print this letter. 

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