The Little Theatre of Winston-Salem will present the world premiere of Hadleyburg High, a new play by Chad Edwards, at 7:30 pm on Friday, March 5, on the theatre company’s YouTube channel.  This virtual play will continue to stream on demand through Sunday, March 14.  Tickets are $11.49 including fees and can be purchased by calling (336) 725-4001 or by visiting

Hadleyburg High: the perfect high school with perfect students who get perfect grades and live perfect lives. Or is it? When a locked box with a cryptic note appears on campus, students and faculty struggle to recall a mysterious stranger who appears to have her own lesson to teach. This fun play, adapted from Mark Twain’s short story, “The Man That Corrupted Hadleyburg,” combines humor and allegory with a whodunit that will keep you guessing until the very end!

Hadleyburg High is Chad Edwards’ first play to be produced by The Little Theatre.  “I wanted to write an adaptation of something in the public domain because that way the copyright had run out and we wouldn't have to pay any royalties for adaptation,” explained Edwards, who is on the LTWS Board of Directors and will also direct the play.  “Mark Twain's writing has a lot of theatricality and storytelling to it, so that seemed to make the most sense.  I went through some of his more popular stories and this one spoke to me.” 

Edwards, who teaches theatre arts at Davie County High School, continued, “We wanted to use mostly younger actors (8 of the play’s 11 actors are teenagers).  My adaptation is a very modern take on Twain’s story, so it just kind of worked to set it in a high school.  When I thought about it being performed on Zoom, it was easy to incorporate younger actors, too, because they are usually the masters of this technology.  So, the play was easier to write with that in mind.” 

Hadleyburg High will be directed by Chad Edwards, with Elizabeth J. Rief serving as stage manager.  The cast is as follows:

Adair Addison - Casey

Ken Ashford - Mr. Caldwell

Noah Goldstein - Brent

Mickey Hyland - Mr. Banks

Ella Kiser - The Stranger

Sabrina Layman - Tammy

Reagan Poindexter - Stephanie

Gloria Rochester - Rachel

Olivia Samuels - Frances

Bethany Schultz - Mrs. Calloway

Meghan Timbinaris - Chloe

This virtual play runs approximately 45 minutes and is appropriate for all ages.

For further information, please visit


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