Greensboro, NC singer-songwriter Casey Noel has hit the ground running in 2021 with gorgeous country-folk ballad “Page 52.” Clearly, her acclaimed 2020 debut EP Not Just Pretty Words was just the beginning, a flag planted in rich Americana soil, introducing a wise-beyond-her years storyteller with a knack for turning a phrase, and weaving melodies both sweet and rollicking. (“Sounds less like a debut and more like a burgeoning writer.” All Scene Eye)

With “Page 52,” Noel and co-producer Doug Williams go even deeper, delivering a song that’s classic as well as distinctly original, musically captivating and lyrically unique. Over Noel's fingerpicked acoustic, a keening slide courtesy Dave Willis, and Libby Rodenbough’s soulful fiddle, this rising songsmith expands masterfully on the concept of “not being on the same page” with a lover: “It seems like you’re on page 52 while I’m on 103 / You skimmed through all the pages while I read them carefully /I studied hard to make an A while you barely pulled a C.”

The harmony-rich chorus reminds us how easy it is to fall in love, but Noel’s narrator is in it for the long haul. In the rich tradition of country-music metaphor, “Page 52” skillfully expresses that feeling when you notice a red flag at the beginning of a romance – the sadness, but also the determination to use the moment to let a lover know where you stand, and the glimmer of hope that by articulating what you want, you may just get it. If not this time, then next time around.  

Artist: Casey Noel - singer/songwriter, vocalist and acoustic guitar

Studio: Electro Magnetic Radiation Recorders - Doug Williams 

Harmonies and fiddle - Libby Rodenbough (from MIPSO)

Electric guitar - Dave Willis 

Single Title - Page 52

Release date - March 26th 

Spotify Link:

Website - 

Facebook and Instagram @caseynoelmusic

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