GREENSBORO, NC, 9/12/2020- The year is flying by, and like no other in recent memory, this year has taken a toll upon people's mental health. The CDC has reported 41%, nearly half of all Americans, are struggling with their mental health as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, with 11% experiencing suicidal ideation.

Mental Health Greensboro's services have been essential during this time. The non-profit is serving new peers every week. Calls are answered every day with people searching for mental health resources. MHG’s online support groups and wellness classes are a boon to people both in our area and beyond. Thanks to the support of the community we have been able to offer our mental health services at no charge for 80 years now.

We invite you to join in continuing to support Mental Health Greensboro’s vital services. Join us online, 2 PM, September 19th as MHG and sponsors presents STOMP THE STIGMA, a virtual Facebook & YouTube concert to raise awareness and end the stigma associated with mental illness. There is great local talent in the way of AJ & Company, Rich Lerner & The Groove, Chandler Harris, and David Cray set to entertain you from the comfort of your home.

Please tune into Mental Health Greensboro’s Facebook page September 19th and share MHG’s live concert feed. Spread the message to your friends, there is no shame in mental illness or seeking mental health help. Raise your online voices, let people know about Mental Health Greensboro's work in our community. 

Support Mental Health Greensboro’s mental health services by donating to the cause or by purchasing raffle tickets for some great STOMP THE STIGMA original framed Ashley Vanore painting and an excellent foosball table courtesy of Everything Billiards & Spa.

About Mental Health Greensboro

Mental Health Greensboro (formerly the Mental Health Association in Greensboro) is a registered 501(c)(3) charitable organization, and has been a partner and neighbor in Greensboro and Guilford County for over 80 years. MHG provides services and programs that promote mental health and support recovery from mental illnesses. When mental illness affects you or someone you know or love, Mental Health Greensboro is here to provide you with the most up-to-date information, programs, and services that better inform and provide support for you and other members of our community.

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