Nonprofit partnering with MindPath Care Centers to provide services free of charge or at greatly reduced rates for uninsured area musicians battling addiction and severe depression.

Forthcoming record featuring 60+ NC-based musicians to support organization

PITTSBORO, NC, May, 20, 2021 – Be Good To Yourself, an organization committed to providing mental health and substance abuse counseling to North Carolina musicians, launched today. The nonprofit, fiscally sponsored by the 501(c)(3) organization, Abundance NC, seeks to provide access to mental health treatment for uninsured NC-based musicians battling addiction and severe depression.

Ed, Rob, Chris - Control room at Old House.jpg

Ed Bumgardner, Rob Slater, Chris Garges - Control room at Old House

“Mental health and substance abuse issues touch all of our lives. And in 2020, it touched the North Carolina music community like never before,” said Mike Allen, board member, Be Good To Yourself. “Through the launch of Be Good To Yourself, we hope to give uninsured North Carolina-based musicians access to mental health care and substance abuse counseling services when they need it mostin times of crisis and in times when they just need someone to talk to.”

To deliver on its mission, Be Good To Yourself has partnered with MindPath Care Centers to provide mental health and substance abuse counseling. The services will be provided free of charge or at greatly reduced rates through sponsorship funds paid directly to MindPath on behalf of patients. MindPath has facilities in all major markets across the state, including the Triangle, Triad, Charlotte and Wilmington.

Bruce Piephoff tracking a vocal at Flytrap Studio.jpg

Bruce Piephoff tracking a vocal at Flytrap Studio

Be Good To Yourself, the music

The formation of Be Good To Yourself was the result of a fall of 2019 meeting between three veteran NC musicians – Chris Garges, Ed Bumgardner and Rob Slater – who connected with the intention of recording a benefit album to be titled, Be Good To Yourself. The purpose was to raise money to provide mental health treatment for uninsured NC musicians battling addiction and severe depression.

The original plan for the album was to include 10 tracks – a combination of retooled songs by area composers and national and international acts. Each track would feature a core band – the mysterious DeFacto Brothers – augmented by all-star guest musicians and different singers from the broader NC musical community.

Pegboard Enlightenment at Old House Studio, .jpg

Pegboard Enlightenment at Old House Studio

“Then came the COVID-19 pandemic,” said musician/producer Bumgardner. “The pandemic has robbed working musicians of the ability to earn even a meager living. Health insurance has suddenly become a luxury. National statistics show a sharp rise in depression, drug addiction and suicide.”

What started as a 10-track concept is now 27 songs, featuring more than 60 musicians, all but three from NC. Among the participating musicians are Rick Miller and Mary Huff of Southern Culture On The Skids, Libby Rodenbough of Mipso, Bill Lloyd, Mitch Easter, Peter Holsapple, Snüzz (Britt Harper Uzzell), Doug Davis, Don Dixon, John Howie Jr., Caitlin Cary, Rod Abernethy and Robert Kirkland, Jeffrey Dean Foster, Danielle Howle, Kenny Soule and members of the Charlotte Symphony Orchestra.

Among the NC songwriters whose work appears are such well-known talents as Mitch Easter, Snüzz, Ben Folds, Peter Holsapple, David Childers and Terry Anderson, as well as less-known but extraordinary NC composers Peter May, Sunshone Still, Bruce Hazel (Temperance League) and Matt Faircloth (The Houston Brothers)

Basic tracks were recorded at Old House Studio in Charlotte by Chris Garges. Due to the restrictions of the pandemic, 29 additional recording studios chipped in to record vocals and overdubs during the recording process.

Be Good To Yourself will be released as a 23-track, double CD; a 10-track vinyl album; and a limited-edition four-song vinyl EP containing tracks not found on the CD or the vinyl album. The project is in the manufacturing phase and will be released in the fall.

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