Triad musician Terry VunCannon is very happy and his music is making people happy all over the world. VunCannon is proudly watching as his solo singles sales, downloads, streams, and radio play in 61 countries around the world are taking off.

According to VunCannon, his music is being played, praised and purchased in America, Mexico, New Zeland, Italy, Israel, Australia, Germany, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Brasil, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, Sweden, UK, Israel, Turkey, France, Canada, & more.

"This is coming from my series of solo single releases that I started putting out in March of 2020. I have released 4 singles so far, with another coming in March 2021, my 5th," VunCannon said.

On Feb 8, 2021 a New Zealand radio station, Galaxy 107 FM, requested and did an on air interview with the musician. This interview went out to 54 countries, and facebook livefeed.

"During that hour long interview, they told me that there were over 5 million listeners tuned in. (5,164,000) They also informed me that I had been building quite a following on that side of the world, and in the two weeks building up to the interview, that "Terry VunCannon" was the top requested artist on that station," he said.

The station features DJ Grant, & Barbara in the Morning Show each weekday. DJ Grant is deep in the music business, both in radio, and music production and live sound. He has toured the world mixing front of house sound for such bands as AC/DC, and INXS..and more.

As VunCannon was sharing his news he said, "I am listening to New Zealand now, and they just played Bad Company, into Terry VunCannon, into Preacher is a funny business."

Coming from his friendship with Galaxy 107, and DJ Grant & Barbara, and his talks since the interview, VunCannon said they have now booked his close friends Preacher Stone (From Charlotte), and Bob Margolin on the show for interviews in March.

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