WINSTON-SALEM, NORTH CAROLINA. After over a year of digital rehearsals and self-taped filmed productions, the lights will finally be going up again on live performances at Spring Theatre.

Friday night, Seussical The Musical will spring to life right from the imagination of the unmatched Dr. Seuss, which features a cast of zany characters, catchy tunes, and a heartwarming message about understanding, friendship and perspective.

Spring Theatre, now celebrating their 10th season, and focuses on celebrating the younger generation of performers. The cast’s oldest member is 20 years old, and youngest member is just 5. But these young performers go through the same rehearsal process that performers of any age would. Spring Theatre’s founder and Executive Director Erinn Dearth believes in pushing kids to the next level of performance, while creating a fun and nurturing environment. “The energy and focus these young performers have each put into this show puts a lump in my throat at every rehearsal”, she said.

Though much of the Dr. Seuss canon is aimed at young audiences, Artistic Director Dan Beckmann has another perspective. “Seussical’s themes revolve heavily around “strange thinkers” being shunned, and “small people” going unheard. But aren’t these issues which are largely propagated by adults towards children?” Beckmann goes on, “Seuss’s stories are usually centered on important ideas that, I think, are really obvious to kids and almost don’t need learning, but that we perhaps lose sight of as we age. So I really hope the show is attended by all ages, because there’s a lot more to be taken from this show’s young performers than one might expect.”

The show is being directed and choreographed by Dearth and Beckmann, with music direction by Kristina Railsback. There’s also quite an impressive team of creative professionals bringing the show to life: with costume design by Kay Partridge, set design by Jordan Knudsen, props by Bella Hart-Peck, lights by Beckmann with the assistance of Gabrielle Drum, and stage management by Grace Reasoner, assisted by Brandon Flury and Olivia Trauth.

A youth-inspired theatre founded in 2011, Spring Theatre exists to empower and challenge the community to experience the energy, emotion, and adventure that springs from extraordinary theatre. Spring Theatre helps established and aspiring theatre artists reach their full artistic potential through mentoring, main stage productions, theatre camps, workshops, and master classes. As a result, Spring Theatre’s youth are confident community members who are prepared for leadership roles including, but not limited to, performing, writing, directing, and staging their own productions. The family of Spring Theatre fuels the creative spirit of the entire Triad and beyond.

The show is at the HanesBrands Theatre Friday, June 25th at 7pm, Saturday June 26th at 2pm and 7pm and Sunday, June 27th at 2pm. Tickets are $15 and are on sale now. The link can be accessed on The theatre is requiring audience members mask, and a 50% capacity. For additional media items, to set up interviews, or to be involved in any way with Spring Theatre, please email or call Spring Theatre at 336-528-5343.

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