(Greensboro, N.C.) ArtsGreensboro announced today its 2020 arts grants made in the following categories: Mission Support, Project Support, Regional Artists, and Teacher Art Education.

Mission and Project Support, Regional Artists and Teachers will receive a total of $324,000 in Grants from the annual ArtsFund.

Funding for Mission Support Grants supports the creation or presentation of programming with high artistic merit, that have defined and measurable outcomes, including impact on the community, increase access to the arts, engage the community and enrich the varied cultural vitality of Greater Greensboro, and offer arts education experiences that inspire and engage students (including life-long learning.) A panel was convened in January to review the grant applications and make recommendations to the ArtsGreensboro board for grant funding.

The 2020 Mission Support Grantees are:

  • Carolina Theatre of Greensboro ($25,247)
  • Community Theatre of Greensboro ($32,171)
  • Eastern Music Festival ($51,574)
  • GreenHill Center for NC Art ($25,211)
  • Greensboro Symphony Orchestra ($52,150)
  • Music Academy of North Carolina ($12,793)
  • Triad Stage ($50,854)

Total funding was $250,000, a 9% increase from the prior year.

Project Support Grants, funded in part by the North Carolina Arts Council Grassroots Program, supports the creation or presentation of project-based programming with high artistic merit that demonstrates defined and measurable outcomes, including impact on the community. This year there are two cycles for Project Support, the first, announced here is a short cycle program with a funding period of January 2020 – June 2020.

The review panel made a recommendation to the ArtsGreensboro board for the following organizations to receive funding, totaling $43,000:

  • Piedmont Blue Preservation Society ($5,750)
  • Touring Theatre of North Carolina ($3,750)
  • Greensboro Literary Organization ($5,750)
  • TAB Arts Center ($5,750)
  • Greensboro Opera ($7,750)
  • Royal Expressions Contemporary Ballet ($3,000)
  • Elsewhere ($3,000)
  • Center for Visual Artists – Greensboro ($1,000)
  • Dance Project ($2,500)
  • Josephus Thompson III ($1,000)
  • Music for a Great Space ($3,750)

In partnership with the North Carolina Arts Council, Alamance, Randolph, Rockingham, and Caswell Counties, ArtsGreensboro makes Regional Artist Project Grants to help artists with big projects in their careers. This year, the grant review panel recommended to the ArtsGreensboro Board, funding 15 artist grants, for a total of $18,000 as follows.

  • Anna Luisa Daigneault, $1,900 for The Production of Quilla’s Third Album
  • Maria Elena Martin, $1,900 for Developing Music Publishing Company “EDICIONES ELENA MARTÍN”
  • Thomas Heflin, $1,750 for “Spectrum” Recording Project
  • Gui Portel, $750 for Gate City Voices
  • Jasmine Best, $1,200 for Solo Exhibition and Studio Documentation
  • Roland Antoine Williams, $1,200 for: Portrait of a Super Predator
  • Grace E McFetters, $1,000 for:  HGA Convergence 2020 Conference
  • Bryan K  Caviness, $900 for:  Moment of Destruction
  • Vonii Bristow-Haith, $1,000 for Ghostwriter
  • Mariana Pardy, $1,000 for Picking Up the Pieces
  • Julia Ridley Smith, $1,000 for Novel Research in Ireland
  • Andrew Howard Eversole, $1,250 for Banjo Earth: Brazil
  • Christopher W. Sims, $1,000 for “Theater of War” Book Editing Workshop
  • Raman Bhardwaj, $900 for Solo Show- Maya & Myth
  • Natalie Marshall, $1,250 for Portfolio Building

Funded by Wells Fargo, 12 Teacher Art Grants received a total of $13,000 as follows.

The grant recipients and their projects include:

  • Lisa P. Williams, Sternberger Elementary School, for West African drum & dance performances
  • Howell D. Ledford, Jr., Weaver Academy, for Music Production Renovations – Sibelius Ultimate
  • Mrs. Heavenly McDuffie, Hunter Elementary School, Ukuleles for Literacy
  • Kathryn Sayani, Northern Guilford High School, for Supporting the Northern Photo Design Inaugural Course
  • Penny Casto, Falkener Elementary School, for Celebration of Tolerance, Diversity and Unity through Visual Art
  • Denise Lineberry, Pleasant Garden Elementary, for Art Rocks! Make the World a Better Place
  • Kerrie -Jean King, Northern Guilford High School, for West African Dance and Drum: Tracing the Diaspora through the Arts
  • Marta Richardson, Bluford Peeler STEAM Academy, for Sound Painting
  • Kirsten Joseph, Jefferson Elementary School, for Breakdancing with the fourth graders! 
  • Stephanie Bartis, Sedgefield Elementary, for Carolina on My Mind
  • Stephanie Allen, Western Guilford High School, for Shared Radiance Performance/Workshop: Shakespeare Alive!
  • Elizabeth Brown, Erwin Montessori Elementary, for Erwin Cultural Diversity Festival

Laura Way, President + CEO at ArtsGreensboro, is more than pleased with the work of the external review panels, the new Grants Manager Darlene McClinton and the ArtsGreensboro Board in making sure we are meeting our core mission supporting the work of artists and arts organizations. She said,

“Through the millennium, artists and arts organizations have had patrons to help support their activities. ArtsGreensboro is in many ways that patron. We cheerlead, help create awareness, and provide financial support to organizations and artists. I am proud of the range of projects, artists, and teachers supported by this year’s funding, and the mission support grantees are doing incredible work all year to ensure high caliber arts are available to our entire community. I could not be more pleased!”


About ArtsGreensboro In its role as the arts council, ArtsGreensboro is the community’s largest source of dedicated financial support, funding arts and culture through a competitive process – from nationally recognized organizations such as Eastern Music Festival and Triad Stage, to community-based projects and programs such as Casa Azul, artists throughout the Piedmont region, and arts-in-education initiatives. Through the annual ArtsFund Campaign, contributor’s dollars are leveraged by corporate, foundation, and government funding to support a local arts economy that contributes over $162 million annually back into our city. ArtsGreensboro is dedicated to elevating the arts by creating awareness and promoting the vibrancy of our city; amplifying the impact the arts have in building strong and thriving communities for all citizens; and supporting arts organizations, artists, and teachers through grants, shared services, and technical assistance.

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