Creative Greensboro Hosts GROW Residency with Artist and Curator Jordan T. Robinson 

GREENSBORO, NC (February 28, 2022) – February 28 through April 10, artist and curator Jordan T. Robinson, in collaboration with Lara Americo and Alicia Collins, will produce a new GROW (Greensboro Residency for Original Works) residency at the Greensboro Cultural Center, 200 N. Davie St.. The residency, titled “Memoria,” will focus on themes of identity and storytelling through a range of creative mediums.


Jordan T. Robinson

Photo courtesy of the City of Greensboro. Permission to reprint.

Community members are invited to visit Robinson in GROW each Monday from 4-8 pm to learn about and collaborate on constructing a community temple, which will document the stories told throughout “Memoria.” Additional events are planned during the residency are free to attend. No prior experience is required to participate and supplies will be provided. Register for workshops in advance by visiting GROW the Greensboro Cultural Center. 

Event Schedule: 

  • March 4, 6-8 pm: Artist Talk – Robinson and his collaborators will discuss their work and how their individual stories inform their art.
  • March 8 and 9, 7-9 pm: Paper Maché Sculpture workshop – Learn how to create a paper maché sculpture of the human body.
  • March 15 and 16, 6-8 pm: Storytelling with sacred objects – Share your story with your own memorabilia.
  • March 22 and 23, 6-8 pm: Memoir Writing workshop – Create your own memoir through a written narrative.
  • March 26, 12-2 pm: Printmaking and Painting workshop – Express your identity through different artistic mediums.
  • March 29 and 30, 7-9 pm: Art Therapy workshop – Explore art as a therapeutic outlet.
  • April 1, 7-9 pm: Residency Reception – A celebration of the work of “Memoria.”

Robinson is an artist and curator dedicated to helping the community through art, design, and technology. His recent exhibitions and programs centered on the awareness of systemic challenges that artists of color and trans people face. Americo is an artist and musician whose work focuses on the experience of indigenous and gender-diverse communities. Her work is presented through sequential art, mixed media collage, and performance. Collins is a multidisciplinary artist with a focus on photography. Her work explores the concepts of home, motherhood, identity, acceptance, and how the ideas of these institutions pertain to one’s own experiences.

About GROW 

GROW is a flexible creative space, managed by Creative Greensboro, the City’s office for arts and culture. Compensated residencies of one-to-eight weeks are awarded to Guilford County-based creative individuals and organizations to produce new and original works that encourage visitation and engagement by the public. Creative Greensboro is particularly interested in supporting residencies that are programmatically diverse and center the voices and experiences of communities of color, low-income communities, and people with disabilities.


Photo courtesy of the City of Greensboro. Permission to reprint.

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