GREENSBORO, NC — The 8:46 Series* returns with new sessions for those who wish to cultivate a more racially inclusive environment at their workplaces and in their communities. Inspired by the tragic events that launched a worldwide movement, the YMCA of Greensboro and the NCCJ of the Piedmont Triad originally partnered in August 2020 to launch The 8:46 Series. The first series of virtual events in 2020 educated more than 900 community members on systemic racism and its impact on our society. Earlier this year, the organizations hosted a series of sessions specifically focused on diversity, inclusion and racial equity in the workplace. Now, the groups have announced upcoming programs this spring and summer.

The virtual events are free and open to the community.

“As an organization committed to creating a welcoming and more equitable world, we are thrilled to offer these programs to our community,” said Rhonda Anderson, President/CEO at the YMCA of Greensboro. “We know it will take all of us, working together, to create real change. It is our hope that these educational sessions serve as a catalyst for continued conversation and action among participants and members of our community.”

Upcoming sessions this spring and summer include:

  • April 21, 12-1:30pm: Combating Racial Bias Through Transformative Dialogue - featuring David Campt and Alison Mahaley discussing the complexities of modern cross-racial discord and suggestions for how to better think and talk about racial issues.
  • May 6, 12-1:30pm: The Story of Race: How We Got Here and What We Can Do Now - featuring Curtis Chesney discussing our nation's racial history, followed by a Q&A conversation with Sam Cone and Winston McGregor focused on how each of us can help create a more equitable future for all.
  • May 26, 12-1:30pm: Operationalizing Racial Equity in Your Organization - featuring Ericka D. Hines discussing how to embed equity into your organization.

“NCCJ exists to build communities free of bias, bigotry and racism, so we’re very excited to continue partnering with the YMCA of Greensboro to bring this new phase of The 8:46 Series to our community,” said Ivan Canada, Executive Director of NCCJ of the Piedmont Triad. “We’re hopeful that folks will embrace these opportunities to build on what we’ve learned and take meaningful steps to drive the systemic change that will make the Triad a more welcoming and inclusive place for all of us – not just some of us.”

Current sponsors include Liberty Hardware, SJ Edwards Foundation, United Healthcare, Weaver Foundation, Kontoor Brands, American National Bank & Trust, First Bank, Cone Health Foundation, Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro, Women’s Professional Forum Foundation, BB&T (now Truist) and Triad Adult & Pediatric Medicine.  

For more details on the events or to register, visit

*Note: In 2020, we named The 8:46 Series for the eight minutes and forty-six second period when the officer’s knee was on George Floyd’s neck. As we have since learned, the officer’s knee was in fact pressed against Floyd’s neck for over 9 minutes.

About the YMCA of Greensboro

The YMCA of Greensboro was founded in 1889 with a mission to put Judeo-Christian principles into practice through programs that build a healthy spirit, mind, and body for all. Through its eight branches and YMCA Camp Weaver, the YMCA of Greensboro is strengthening the foundations of our community by offering a warm and friendly environment where people of all ages, races, faiths, beliefs, and physical and financial abilities participate in worthwhile programs and meaningful experiences that make a positive difference in their lives. For more information on the YMCA of Greensboro, please visit

About the NCCJ of the Piedmont Triad

The NCCJ of the Piedmont Triad is a human relations organization that works to build communities free of bias, bigotry and racism by promoting understanding and respect among all cultures, races and religions. For more information on NCCJ of the Piedmont Triad, please visit

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