WINSTON-SALEM, NC.- Since COVID-19 shut down their live performances across the country, Letters From Home has been hosting a series of digital concerts for their audiences to enjoy from the comfort of their own homes, and this 4th of July they’ve taken on a show that will not disappoint.

The tap-dancing joke-cracking USO-style duo made up of founder Erinn Dearth and self-proclaimed “tall guy” Dan Beckmann are now in preparation for a 4th of July concert that will make it’s premier Sat., July 4 at 7pm EDT.

“We’ve tried to make every digital Letters from Home show a little different” said Erinn Dearth. “Our first show was filled with live entertainment like singing and tap dancing and jokes like our normal shows, and our memorial day show featured tributes and interviews to honor and remember. This show is going to focus on the birthday of America, and uniting the nation through song in- hopefully- a new way”

The idea was Dan Beckmann’s: “We are being faced with a number of national (and global) challenges right now, and I think that may add to the feeling of alienation we sometimes feel from one another,” he says. “It is very important to us personally that, as we continue to grow as a country, we also remember that people are people are people, and that community is at the root of a nation. And what is a more uniting language than music?”

Dearth founded Letters From Home in Winston-Salem, NC in 2010 at the suggestion of her late father, Pat Dearth. For the last ten years, the group’s mission has been to tour the country honoring our nation’s veterans, active military heroes and their families.

They have taken on a new mission recently to Unite the Nation through music. The act has now toured over 40 states, and last year performed in Normandy, France for the 75th Anniversary of D-Day. In 2019 alone, Letters From Home performed over 160 shows worldwide.

Viewers worldwide can tune in to see the show on Saturday, July 4th at 7pm EDT on the Letters From Home facebook page at More information on the performance group can be found at


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