Car accidents may not all be fatal or injury-causing, but you can never take chances that put in harm's way. Although vehicle accidents are seen almost every day, most people don't try to take lessons from it and worry about their own lives and assets. There needs to proper preparation before sitting in a car to prevent any injuries if an accident happens.

There are several other things and your behavior on the road that can impact a car accident and keep it from happening. Sure, when the other car is coming at your straight, and you are caught off guard, there is less of a chance to protect yourself. For this reason, you must also know how to protect your rights after a collision due to another driver's fault and hire the best car accident lawyer in Houston to receive fair compensation. So here is a list of things that you can do pre-accident that can lower your chances to of a collision or getting injured to a minimum: 

Avoid Fatal Hitting

There can be instances when you lose control of your car, mostly when you're driving too fast or are in a partially unconscious state. On these occasions, it can become hard to take control of the car, and stopping suddenly can also make the car jump. For this reason, when you're about to collapse into a rigid or dangerous surface that is to cause harm to you and your car, make sure to turn your gaze away from it and concentrate on a lighter collision object. Choose more lightweight materials on the road like safety cones or a dense collection of bushes to make your car stop and turn away from an injury-causing surface such as a pole, wall, or another car. 

Keep Your Gaze Straight

Although most people say that they have a straight gaze and are clearly viewing the road while driving, many don't. This is because many people tend to perceive the car's bonnet than the road ahead. The rule and a safe way is to be looking at least six vehicles forward. Doing this can help you perceive other cars' behavior on the road and know how to move your vehicle in the best way, for instance, know when to pick up the speed and when to slow down. 

Check Tires and Steering Wheels

The tires and steering wheel of a vehicle are the most critical aspects in driving the car safely. However, when these things suffer a little or aren't performing to their best conditions, fatal accidents happen. So before going on any car ride, even if to the grocery store, make sure that your tires are up to the task and won't go bust. You need to check your tires at least 2 to 3 times, or more if the rubbers are old, in a month to be sure. As for the steering wheel, check its working by rotating it in all directions in a stationary car.

Learn to Slide

It's not impossible to get out of harm's way even when the colliding object nears, or the car slips out of control. It usually happens that when a vehicle gets out of control due to speed driving, you lose the break feature of it, and it starts to slide. When this happens, make sure to stay alert and screen all the nearby objects. Let the car slide and keep turning the wheel to steer clear of obstacles. And then, once the car gets normal again, use brute force on the race and drive the vehicle in a straight direction.

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