WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. (MARCH 27, 2020)—Lowes Foods is giving additional payments to store employees to demonstrate its appreciation for their tireless work to serve guests during the public health crisis. Current full-time hourly employees who were hired at Lowes Foods before March 1st will receive $300, and, similarly, part-time workers will receive $150. The payments will be made in early April.

“Our store hosts have stepped up to meet the incredible demands for groceries in the communities we serve, in recent weeks,” Lowes Foods President Tim Lowe said. “We’ve received great comments from our store guests across the Carolinas praising Lowes Foods hosts for their dedication during this challenging time for everyone.

“Going above and beyond to care for our communities is what makes this team so special. To us, community is not just a geography, but rather a family, and at Lowes Foods, we take care of our own,” he added. “Our sister company MDI has been heroic in keeping the food supply chain flowing, and our parent company, Alex Lee has been outstanding in giving support through these tough times for all.”

Hourly and part-time employees at Alex Lee and MDI, based in Hickory, also will receive payments equal to those Lowes Foods employees will receive.

In addition to these payments, Alex Lee has implemented a new emergency leave policy for its companies. All employees and hosts, both full time and part time, who are diagnosed with COVID-19 will receive an additional 10 paid days off.

Lowe added that Lowes Foods and MDI continue to seek more employees. Those who are interested should apply at or

About Lowes Foods, LLC

Founded in 1954, Lowes Foods employs nearly 9,000 people and operates 74 full-service supermarkets in the Carolinas. Locally owned and operated, Lowes Foods is truly a homegrown company committed to bringing community back to the table, by providing customers with the freshest and most innovative local products from local suppliers. The company maintains a strong focus on exceptional attention to our guests, with services like Lowes Foods-To-Go personal shopping and gas rewards discounts. To learn more, visit or follow Lowes Foods on Facebook or Twitter. Lowes Foods, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Alex Lee, Inc. For more information, please visit

About Alex Lee, Inc.

Founded in 1931, Alex Lee is a family-owned and operated company that employs nearly 10,000 people. It serves as the parent company of Merchants Distributors, LLC, which provides full-service, wholesale distribution to supermarkets across the Southeastern United States. In addition, Alex Lee is the parent company of Lowes Foods as well as Just Save food stores in North Carolina. Alex Lee, Inc. is based in Hickory, NC. For more information, please visit

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