Greensboro, NC - Little Brother Brewing was recently presented with the prestigious Craft Beer Marketing Award for Coolest Taproom Design. The award, known in the beer marketing industry as a “Crushie”, was awarded at the virtual Craft Beer Marketing Awards ceremony in June and arrived at the local Greensboro taproom this past week.

The Craft Beer Marketing Awards (CBMAs) was supposed to take place at April's Craft Brewers Conference Week in San Antonio, TX, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic it had to pivot to a digital format for its inaugural year of the award. The first awards program of its kind, the CBMAs were designed to celebrate the best nationwide marketing achievements of the brewing industry.

Consisting of 32 different creative categories, breweries could submit a facet of their branding to be judged by a panel of over 100 industry-recognized judges for the chance to win a “Crushie”, the CBMAs equivalent of an Emmy award in the brewing industry.

Taking home a Gold Crushie for the “Coolest Taproom Design” category, Little Brother Brewing is proud to have the thoughtfulness and creativity of their space recognized. Residing in a historic cornerstone of the downtown area, the taproom has been home to many businesses before the brewery took over its location.

From Jim’s Lunch, a popular diner dating back to the 1930s to ACME comics a local comic book store to the Idiot Box, the local improv comedy club - it’s most former predecessor - the taproom aims to preserve the history of the building by celebrating its previous locations. The original black and white tile of the space (dating back to the early 1900s) was the main focal point of designing the space itself.

Energized by stories around us, of the past and present, Little Brother Brewing’s taproom also depicts a mural featuring previous tenants in addition to a few hidden gems of special meaning to the owners. Chalkboard-esque in style, the mural itself has patrons discovering something new every time they visit the establishment. White subway tiles behind the beer menu accent the mural and flooring giving the space an “out of town” feel to make their experience more eclectic and special.

Finally, unique accordion style windows are regularly propped open, allowing a vibrant connection to the bustling street corner beyond the taproom’s walls. A sense of discovery and focus on history, allows Little Brother Brewing to tell a story when guests stop by for a beer.

More info about the Craft Beer Marketing Awards:

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