Bar: Box Office Kitchen and Cocktails

Age: 28

Where are you from? Savannah, Georgia

How long have you been bartending? Five years

How did you become a bartender? I started bartending at Olive Garden. I did private trainings with the bar trainer and she put it a good word for me to join the team. I started off practicing with non-alcoholic beverages before I started playing with the alcohol drinks.

What do you enjoy about bartending? A few things I enjoy the most about bartending is the art of mixology, traveling to work festivals/concerts, and people interaction. Combining ingredients to make a cocktail that is strong, however, you cannot taste the separation of ingredients because of how well it is mixed. I enjoy the different conversations held from the different people I meet at the bar. Having versatility and being able to find at least one thing in common with a bar guest make the experience a lot better. I travel across the country to work festivals like rapper J. Cole’s “Dreamville” festival, Pharell’s “Something in the Water” festival, and the “U.S Open” golf tournament.

What’s your favorite drink to make? My favorite drink to make is “Pink Panther”. It is our very first signature drink on our menu at Box Office. It consists of a berry flavored vodka, cherry syrup, and some fruity juices topped with a lemon lime soda.

What’s your favorite drink to drink? My favorite drink to drink is Cognac. I enjoy mixing drinks; however, I prefer to drink a smooth tasting cognac alone.

What would you recommend as an after-dinner drink? I would recommend our “Key Lime Pie Martini” as an after-dinner drink. It is a vanilla vodka infused with lime juice and pineapple juice. It has a honey graham cracker rim as well so each sip will remind you of eating a homemade pie. This is a great finish because it is a little more on the sweeter side so it will satisfy your dessert craving.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve seen while bartending? The craziest thing I’ve seen while bartending is someone wanting to hold you back from your next goal. I’ve worked in some places where they would block progression and only want you to work for them. The bartending market offers so much, and I think everyone deserves the opportunity for the next best thing in their life.

What’s the best/biggest tip you’ve ever gotten? The biggest/best tip I have gotten was from an NBA player— he tipped me $150 for a bottle of water.

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