GREENSBORO, North Carolina (July 24, 2018)— Ghassan’s Fresh Mediterranean Eats, a fast-casual locally owned and family operated Mediterranean restaurant, has launched its largest new menu rollout in over 20 years with the addition of new appetizers, three new protein options, three new pita sandwiches (which includes a new falafel recipe), two new platters, one new sub, three new rice bowls, and three new sauces. These new items are available at the 1605 Battleground location and will be slowly introduced into their other locations over the next few months.

“We are beyond excited about our new menu items. We have worked for over a year to perfect these recipes. All of the flavor combinations were purposeful and very well thought out. Our goal was to add more authentic items (some with a modern twist) while keeping our classic best sellers (chicken kabobs, steak and cheese, gyros, grilled chicken salad, chicken pita),” said Lina Fleihan Urmos, VP Catering and Marketing at Ghassan’s Fresh Mediterranean Eats. “Our parents, May and Khaled Fleihan, started this business over 43 years ago and made it an institution in Greensboro. We were so lucky to have such a solid and beautiful base to work from when creating the new menu.

NEW Sauces: Guests can pair their favorite protein with one of the new fresh Mediterranean sauces.

Garlic (toum) – fresh garlic emulsified into a beautiful thick sauce. Vegan and gluten-free. Pairs well with chicken shawarma and chicken kabobs.

Labne – bright and cool, this will be topped with olive oil and za’atar (a classicMediterranean spice blend). Gluten-free. Pairs well with Harissa Chicken  or as a dip with pita bread.

Harissa – a blend of hot peppers and roasted red peppers blends beautifully along with Mediterranean spices. Vegan and gluten-free. Pairs well with Ghassan’s fresh marinated chicken.

NEW Appetizers: Starters that offer a delicious beginning to a meal that is sure to please vegans, vegetarians, and meat lovers.

Muhammara – roasted red pepper dip served with pita bread and cucumber slices

Mezza Plate – a trio of dips including muhammara, labne, and hummus served with tabouli, pita bread and our new fresh made falafel.

NEW Bowls:

Veggie Bowl – Egyptian rice topped with fried cauliflower, pickled cabbage, tabouli, hummus, muhammara, Lebanese pickles, and tahini. Vegetarian.

Harissa Chicken Bowl – Egyptian rice topped with Harissa Chicken, pickled cabbage, tabouli, and labne sprinkled with za’atar and olive oil. (gluten free)

Beef Kafta Bowl – Egyptian rice topped with grilled beef kafta (seasoned ground beef patties), roasted tomatoes, pickled cabbage, cucumber sauce, and feta cheese.

NEW Pita Sandwiches: An old recipe has been reinvigorated and 2 completely new pita concepts have been introduced.

Falafel Pita – grilled pita topped with hummus, falafel patties, lettuce, tomato, pickled turnips, Lebanese pickles, tahini, and chopped fresh parsley

Beef Kafta Pita – grilled pita topped with hummus, kafta, lettuce, stewed tomatoes, and radish sumac salad.

Chicken Shawarma Pita – grilled pita topped with thinly sliced chicken marinated in shawarma spice, Lebanese pickles, garlic paste (toum), and radish sumac salad

NEW Platters: Choose 2 sides with these platters to build your own plate

Beef Kafta Platter – Seasoned grilled beef patties served with pita, side of hummus, and choice of 2 sides.

Falafel Platter – This item features a new falafel recipe and replaces the Lebanese Plate. It includes pita, side of tahini, and choice of two sides.

NEW Sub Sandwich:

DJ Toum (Garlic Chicken Sub) – typically at street food vendors in Lebanon, this sandwich consists of french fries, Lebanese pickles, chopped grilled chicken, and toum (homemade garlic sauce) and pressed to perfection.

NEW Sides:

Za’atar Fries – their classic fries seasoned with a dried herb seasoning that includes thyme, sumac, salt, and sesame seeds

Fried Cauliflower – flash fried cauliflower seasoned with a blend of spices

Egyptian Rice – steamed with just a little bit of olive oil and salt. Delicious with anything on the menu!

Subs and pitas have been given nicknames to add an element of fun to the menu. Steak and Cheese is donned “The Classic” (the item that Ghassan’s has always been best known for) and Chicken Shawarma Pita “The Middle Eats”. All nicknames can be viewed on the menu.

“The new items were featured as specials over the course of 6 weeks at the Battleground location to allow guests to try the new items and provide feedback. We feel they are just as excited as we are about the new menu! We are confident that with more choices and variety, guests will come back more often to see us,” says Ziad Fleihan, VP Operations.

These new items will soon available for catering and include both vegetarian and gluten-free options, providing guests with additional fresh choices for business or social occasions.

About Ghassan’s Fresh Mediterranean Eats

Founded in 1975 by the Fleihan family, Ghassan’s Fresh Mediterranean Eats are fast-casual restaurants that are locally owned and family operated. Over the years they have grown to 4 locations in Greensboro, NC in addition to Ghassan’s Mobile Mediterranean Eats food truck and Ghassan’s Catering.

Ghassan’s Restaurant has been a local staple for almost 40 years and has become a historic landmark in the city. Starting with their High Point Road location in 1975, Ghassan’s was the first to begin offering more exotic items (at the time) such as kabobs, Lebanese salads, and falafel. Since conception, they have continued to add items such as hummus, tabouli and now the items that include rice bowls, chicken shawarma, muhammara, and kafta.

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