Greensboro, NC – On Tues., Nov. 6, Geeksboro Battle Pub hopes to encourage young voters to show up to the polls by giving them free tacos.

Battle Pub will host Vote 4 Tacos, a voting drive aimed at eligible voters, ages 18 to 30. This daylong event will encourage young voters to show up to cast a ballot, by giving them a free Taco of their choice at any point in the day on November 6th.

“As a voting demographic, young people are seriously underrepresented in terms of turnout,” says Joe Scott, co-owner and creative director of Geeksboro Battle Pub. “It doesn’t help that neither of the major candidates on our local ticket have done very much to inspire or engage them to get out and vote.”

He adds: “And one need only glance at the national headlines in the news today to see that there are many issues that demand that the voices of young voters be heard.”

To get a free taco, eligible voters need only take a photo of themselves outside of the polling place of their choice, create a post on social media encouraging other people to vote and then show up to Geeksboro Battle Pub between 11 a.m. and 10 p.m. on Tues., Nov. 6. Battle Pub will give a free taco to the first 200 people who participate in this promotion.

On Tues., Nov. 6, Geeksboro Battle Pub hopes to encourage young voters to show up to the polls by giving them free tacos.

As for voters 30 and up who want to participate, Battle Pub says that while they are unable to get free tacos for voting, they can participate by donating to the campaign, which would allow them to provide free tacos to more than 200 voters. Donors who give $5 or more will receive a free taco as well.

“As a person who is 38 years old, I totally understand the feeling that people over 30 would also love to get a free taco,” Scott says. “But due to my own budgetary limitations, I have set a very specific goal.”

To contribute to the Vote 4 Tacos campaign, click here.

Geeksboro Battle Pub is located on 2618 Lawndale Drive at the Kirkwood Commons plaza across the street from the Target shopping center.

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